Bye Straight, Hello curls

Monday, January 10, 2011 0 Comments A+ a-

"Kahit ano. Kulot kaya?" (Anything. Curls perhaps?), said a girl with a very straight hair 5 hours ago.

I got myself a perm.

No, I did not think about it. It was an impulsive decision.

One minute I thought my hair is boring, the next minute I'm already at the salon.

I just want something new.


I love it. Because it's messy, it's so random, and the hair is so spontaneous. I don't have to fix it. And I now have a reason not to comb it.

I am now a lioness (with a mane). LOL

To fitness and beyond

Friday, January 7, 2011 0 Comments A+ a-

I desperately wanted to gain weight. I eat a lot a, got pregnant, and at 25 I still fit on my high school uniform. I’m not exaggerating, I really look small and it doesn't look good. I know there are a lot of factors why I’m not gaining weight even though I have the appetite of an elephant. First,I prefer veggies over meat. Second, I don’t like to eat sweets (dark chocolates is an exception for that matter, take note, it’s not sweet). Third, I sleep less. And lastly, I am active, I play football.

Right now, going to the GYM is my best option to gain weight. You see, I know a lot of friends who are as thin as a stick, but now have those lean and mean bodies when they started going to the gym. I don’t really want to have those hard-rock bulging muscles, I just want to look tight but not thin.

For the past three days, I went looking for the best gyms in Davao City. Here are those on top of my list after reading some reviews over the net:

1.) Metrolifestyle Davao

2.) Holiday Gym and Spa

3.) Smashville Fitness Center

4.) Matina South Health Studio

Next week, I will be visiting each of these gyms to see where I would like to work out the most.

And just yesterday, I got myself a new pair of shoes, a few jogging pants, and a few tops for gym use. Excited much? ;)