Because today is Mother's Day

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If this is true, then am I a SUPERHUMAN?

At 24, this petite little body gave birth to a 6-pounder healthy baby boy via Normal Spontaneous Vaginal Delivery. I never felt pain. No screaming, nothing like in the movies, no epidural anaesthesia, no pain relievers. Only pure courage, excitement and a wee bit of nervousness.

Inkling, please?

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I used to draw on paper,  scan it, save it in my computer, then color/enhance it in photoshop:

Will Striptease for Harry Potter

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This morning, I came across this great site that sells handmade and vintage-looking accessories. And much to my delight, I saw these awehoooosome Harry Potter merchandise. Talagang nanlaki ang mga mata ko. I was this close to adding everything to my cart but there’s just soooo many to choose from. And I can’t choose because I WANT TO HAVE THEM ALL! *sigh* If only my paycheck’s enough ~_~;