Hukad: Favorite om nom nom place

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I'm a bad food blogger. I don't blog about food or restos no matter how good or bad they are. I'm a bad food blogger because 1.) I don't no longer take pics of the food I'm about to eat,  2.) I'm bad at memorizing and too lazy to take notes on prices, dishes, and whatnot, 3.) my vocabulary's limited that I just can't find the right words to describe a food.

I'm a bad food blogger, but I'll blog about one anyway. I'm making a review, a very brief one for my new fave resto. From the bottom of my then-empty-now-satisfied-tum-tum,  I would just want to say that

Birthday Gift Conundrum

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My dad's birthday is approaching. Well actually, it's still 2 months away. But since he lives 8,000 miles away from us, I have to decide in advance and purchase in advance. Right now, I still don't know what to give him but I already have ideas. I'm just undecided. It would really be easy to decide if only I can afford it all. Sigh. Anyway, here's what I have in mind:

First option: Shoes

I'm scouting for nice comfy shoes that would be perfect for his casual wear or for work. He's not a runner but I'm thinking of Reebok RealFlex Transition shoes. I've already read tons of reviews from amazon, runner forums, and other sites, and 9 out of 10 gave positive comments. People have raved about its lightness and comfort, which I think would be perfect for my dad's daily walks.
Although I'm torn between this and Nike Free, this one's winning the race.
Second option: Leather Wallet

I remember my dad having a wallet that's really old, with a lot of scuffing and has seen better days.  Yet he seemed too hesitant to replace it because he would rather save the money for us than buy a new one. Now that he's in US, I think he does the same. He's the type who doesn't really give a damn even if his shirt or shoes gets worn out, let alone the wallet.
It doesn't have to be Nike, I just want something durable for veeery long term use.
Third option: Stainless Steel Watch
I don't have a particular reason why. I guess because this is a common gift for dads.
Why these? Because these are the things he can use everyday, if not, most of the time. I want to give him something that would really be useful to him, something he can use ordinarily.

I know this is just nothing compared to what he has provided us all our lifetime.This can never repay all the hard work he has done for us. I want to give him something because, I hate to admit it, I haven't given him anything yet since he went to work abroad. I just can't afford to pay for the freight charges from Philippines to US. Pffft! But now, there's no excuse not to send my dad a gift, specially now that I found a way to send gifts without having to worry about sky high shipping fees and lost parcels. Yay!

These are the gift ideas I can think of right now. I need more ideas. Anyone? Something light, something that can be shipped and not be broken or be potentially stolen while in transit. So electronics, gadgets, or small appliances would be a no-no. I'm open for suggestions. :)

Update: (March 18, 2013) I bought the shoes. I guess he will be needing and be using this more. I bought it not for his birthday, but just for a random gift. I'll figure something out for his birthday gift. :)

Mistborn Trilogy

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You know what's so depressing? it's when you're down to the last 50 pages of the book that is totally gripping and has held you captive and awake at nights. The fact that you're about to leave a different world that you have loved and the characters you got attached to. You're excited to know how it's going to end and at the same time saddened because you know that that's the last of that world.

Leave Mt. Apo Alone!

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I was only a highschool sophomore when I had this strong urge to climb Mt. Apo. Six years later, I conquered the highest peak of the Philippines, the most majestic of them all. It was in my bucket list and it will always be on my bucket list, because I plan to return whenever I will always have the chance, as long as I still can.

Why? Because IT'S THE MOST BEAUTIFUL PLACE I'VE EVER BEEN TO. It's a home of everything a city never had. It's a home of peace and serenity, a home of bliss, a piece heaven.

Our journey to Mt. Apo was just like any other mountaineers' journey. We endure the cold, withstand the heat, brave the steep boulders and cliffs, we sleep in tents that barely shut the chill and get soak whenever heavy rain starts to pour, we carry packs heavier than us, we trek unusual, uneven, and slippery terrains the whole day with lunch as the only break, we search for our own water from under ground or streams, we get lost, injured, hungry and thirsty, exhausted, and the list goes on.

We wouldn't be able to survive all these if it wasn't for the company we had, or for the breath-taking scenes we come across from time to time. We kept going because we know something up there is much better. Something amazing. Then we conquered. We survived. We reached the peak proud and still whole. It was indeed a piece of heaven on earth. All the hunger and tiredness gone as you stand in awe at God's marvelous creations.

Mountain climbing isn't only about the splendid views and the challenges we face from each step we take, it also fosters camaraderie, leadership, and devotion. Mountain climbing is the best experience to learn survival skills. Plus, it enables us to be ecologically aware and promote a cleaner and greener nature. So why take it all away? Why ruin something so beautiful?

LGUs from Kidapawan are planning to make a stairway to Mt. Apo. Hell no! 16,620 steps to Mt. Apo is a big ball of sh*t. For those of you who do not know what I'm talking about, click here.

When you climb Mt. Apo and be one with nature for a few days, you'll find yourself caring for everything around you, even with the smallest insect on the ground. Reaching the top will take you to a sojourn euphoria. You'll pause at the sunset ignoring the chill, the pain and the fatigue, take a deep hard breath, and find yourself some peace.

Come to think of it, if you are going to climb the peak through the stairway, you'll just take pictures. And that's it. It will no longer be the same Majestic Mt. Apo it has been, it will be nothing more but just a mere tourist park, horded by people pushing their way up trying to take pictures for instagram and facebook purposes. And take note, more people means more garbage! Which makes it more difficult to preserve what little is left of Mt. Apo. Pfft!

If I have to climb Mt. Apo again, I want to experience the same exhaustion, frustration, and at the end, triumph. I want others to experience the same. I want the next generation to feel and see what I've seen before.

PLEASE LEAVE MT. APO ALONE. Do not build the 7-km stairway to Mt. Apo's summit! For crying out loud, it's a NATURAL PARK, do not ever convert it into a one big giant playground. I'm not going to elaborate more on how they're going to fund the project or on how are they doing it or when do they plan to do it, because it's just bullshit and it saddens me more. And I hope it does not push through.

You know that I'm totally against the stairway.So I'm doing as much as I can to stop this. I pray for enlightenment of the Kidapawan's LGU and the people behind this proposal. If you think this is going to be a wise investment to attract more visitors, no it's NOT. You're destroying something that we're trying to preserve for a long time. You're destroying the earth.

Please, you can help too, the social media is a very powerful tool to reach out to the unreachable. Share if you must. Click here to sign in to the online petition. I don't know if online petition really works, but it's only 2 minutes of our time, so why not give it a try?

Davaoe├▒os, Mindanaoans, it's the only one we have. Even for our brethren from all parts of the Philippines, it's our mountain, our highest peak. Please, let us all hold hands to help preserve the beauty and majesty of Mt. Apo.


All images are from No To Stairway to Apo, like the page and show your support. Thank you.

In my mail: Barnes and Noble Leatherbound Collection

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Look what came in the mail today!

Barnes & Noble

You know how much I wanted these from my previous post. Gawd, I've waited for more than 2months for these books. Yes 2 months. Scared the hell out of me. I am used to buying stuff overseas and there was never any issue regarding delivery delays or items not received. But this one really gave me worries.

I didn't throw a hundred bucks for this just to be taken away by careless freight forwarders. Just so you know, a local bookstore actually sells books like these but since they're too pricey (almost 50% more than the original price), I decided to order from the actual Barnes and Noble site. Saves more even with the freight fee included. But of course, the loooong wait and anxiety is the price to pay.