The Epic Battle for Greatness

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Pacquiao-Mayweather at SM Cinema
Jan and I just bought tickets. I am not the one who's likely to join the bandwagon just because everyone is in to it. But I jumped in this time because I believe this one is for the books. Even the non-boxing fans like me are looking forward to this Pacquiao-Mayweather Battle for Greatness. Yes, I am pretty excited about it. Well, after all those years of hype and drama, who isn't? What's not to be excited about?

I'm not a boxing fan nor a Manny Pacquiao fan, but I do respect him as an athlete for the honor he brings to our country. I really wouldn't mind spending a hefty amount just to watch this bout. Because aside from posting morale-boosting and #GoManny statuses on Facebook, this is one way I can show my support and pride. And of course, I know how much Jan really wants to see this fight. I've been dragging him to activities I love to do, not to mention things he's never done before, watching one of his favorite sports with him wouldn't hurt. :)

I have watched a few replays of Pacquiao fights on TV or even just tolerated the choppiness and low quality videos from live streaming sites before and that was it. This is the first time I am going to watch a big time sports game live on a big screen. And the best part is, I know nothing ever beats the feeling of being around people who are giving an all-out support for the team they are rooting for. It's almost the same as watching the game inside the arena.

I'm not getting my hopes up about the fight though. I mean, we'll never really know what will happen in the ring. And for the record, I am not a boxing fan so I really do not have an idea about their fighting style and there is no way I would know how to assess their skills which is probably a good thing because this wouldn't give me any doubts for Manny. But I do believe in him. Whatever the results will be, win or lose, he will have my respect and I will have the same pride.

I wish and pray Manny for the best. Sugod Manny! Laban mo ito, laban natin 'to.

I Shall Come Again, Camiguin!

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"Kung gamay mog itlog pangihi mo sa balete."

That's what I have learned from our 4-day trip in Camiguin. Haha. Kidding aside, this is the first time I have ever visited Northern Mindanao and it was definitely a blast. Camiguin island indeed has a lot of beautiful and interesting places to see. So without further ado, let me show you my short but memorable trip to Camiguin.


The Lazy Long Weekend

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Long weekend. What was I up to?

Today's toughts.
Can I just skip introductions?

Semi-kulot life.
One month and one week of having a curly hair and I'm definitely loving every bit of it. Especially now that the curls are starting to loosen up giving defined waves instead of those corkscrew locks I had during the first few weeks. I would like to think the waves are just perfect for my incoming beach escapades this summer. I love that it doesn't really need a lot of pampering and I think I have only combed my hair twice since I had it permed. I can actually get out of the house even when I just got out of bed and sport that messy hair look without effort. Haha
Actually, I stopped using curl defining lotion because it makes my hair really curly. And I don't really put a lot of time scrunching my hair after bath. So for the past two weeks, my hair has been living with conditioner and occasional shampooing alone. And I love that the products I'm using deliver pretty well in keeping my hair from getting frizzy and dry. They deserve positive reviews - which I will be writing after I come back from Camiguin. Let's see how my hair will manage after a week of staying under the sun and getting soaked in salt water.

On Losing and Rediscovering Myself

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While everybody was on a holiday break yesterday, I was out working. And while everyone is working today I'm home and reflecting. The past months have really been a blast. With all those getaways and new things that I have tried, I am seeing my old self again. Free-spirited.
It just reminded me of the last four years of my life. That time when motherhood caught me off guard and everything suddenly stopped - in both good and bad way. That time when I could just drop anything just to attend to my son's needs. That time when round-the-clock feeding started to take its toll on me as I was never getting enough sleep. And sometimes, I regretted those times that I have found myself on the brink of giving up.

Seven Falls, Lake Sebu

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After an exhausting hike at Lake Holon/Mt. Parker and rewarding ourselves with a much needed rest, we went to Lake Sebu the next day to experience the Seven Falls zipline. Just so you know, ziplines no longer excite me. As a matter of fact, I find them boring. The only time a zipline gave me the thrills was the first time I tried it and the rest didn't really satisfy my appetite for adventure and adrenaline. The Seven Falls zipline, however, is by far the best zipline I have ever tried.
First Leg: 740m ride

Exploring the Beauty of Lake Holon/Mt. Parker

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What have I gotten myself into?

I have asked myself that question a thousand times during our hike to Mt. Parker. And even before we started hiking, the road to the jump off point was already unforgiving. More than an hour of dusty habal-habal ride was just enough for my nostrils to gather up dusts and turn it into the biggest snot I ever had my entire life. Gross, I know. Haha.

I may have climbed several mountains before, even with higher elevation than this. But six years of mountaineering hiatus just felt like I am a newbie once again. The only difference is, I still know the essentials of mountain climbing which I still applied during the hike. 

Trudging up an easy trail was already a lot of work for me. There are times when I was on the verge of quitting especially when the sun was trying to fry me and my back was about to raise the white flag. But there's no way to quit when you've already covered at least half of the entire hike.

Since we couldn't keep up with our company's pace, Jan and I decided to just enjoy the trail instead. After all, we can't get lost in it as there's only one trail up. We started hiking at our own pace and did several rests in between. Yes, technically, it was only the two of us hiking, constantly checking up on each other, looking for that tiny bird species that can surprisingly make a sound as loud as the ambulance sirens and admiring the unusual flora, while others were already way ahead of us.
Mt. Parker
Our first climb together!

April's Full

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2015 is going pretty well for me. And it is just getting better with all the holidays, not to mention, long weekends that lined up this year. Looking at the calendar, I see mine with a lot of days marked with a fat red circle. April certainly is going to be helluva fun.

The past few days or perhaps weeks have been so dragging not only because I am dying of boredom with my idle hours at work, but also because I had been looking forward to the holidays. You know how it goes when you're too excited about something, time will seem to play in on you that the days run so painfully slow.