The GuLat Project

Wednesday, September 30, 2015 26 Comments A+ a-

This is an old, old idea.


But I cannot think of a better way to fuse my love for writing and drawing than to create blog posts devoted to both. Hence, the GuLat ProjectGulat is a Filipino word that means shock or surprise. But I've also coined this from two words, Guhit (draw) and Sulat (write) - which are apparently the things that I absolutely love to do.

As you can see, I've been including doodles in my entries lately and this is what I plan to do on my succeeding posts. I got this idea from Doodlemum - a blog that I've been following for a long time. What separates her art from mine is that her doodles are waaaaaay amazing while mine are just mere stick figures you wouldn't have to second guess if they were drawn by a five-year-old. But, oh well.

Some days my hands are as stubborn as my head that they refuse to draw what I tell them to. Some days I invite myself into a self-hosted pity party themed "I suck and can't do anything good." Some days I allow myself to hear voices telling me "You will never be a good artist, Sarah!" Voices that I just made up. But nothing stopped Barnett Newman from selling Onement VI for 43 million dollars and I'm absolutely sure my stick figures are way better than that, so maybe I can sell one for 10 million dollars. And some days I am delusional.

From this point on, I'll be spending a minute or two slaving over a doodle that may or may not be relevant to each post I write. I think two minutes should be enough because more than that already defeats the purpose of fun (and I've an excuse for this crap). Plus it saves more time I can watch a cat video or two instead of looking for images at Unsplash, StockSnap or Gratisography just in case I don't have awesome pictures of my own to post. Yes, that is where I get my free stock photos. You're welcome.

I should have done this a long time ago. Jan has been encouraging me to do this before. But it took a little while and a little push to get my hands doodling just for the heck of it without seeking any body's approval or worrying about what others will say.
Well, not everything I draw has to be the best and be liked by everybody. But it sure does pay when I do things just for the sake of having fun. :)

On Writing, Peanuts, and Belgian Waffles

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I never really wanted to be a writer. Not that I consider myself to be one. As a matter of fact, I didn't like my English classes back in high school and college. I have even failed English (literature) once. My lack of interest in the English Language and Literature, however, unexpectedly warranted me to end up writing stuff for a living.

Well, that's what I did a long time ago and I tried to do the same thing recently. I was under the impression that I can make writing pay the bills again. Before I glued my butt to the swivel chair to write a 1000-word essay, I was so pumped up by the mere fact that I really do love writing. I can write more than a thousand word blog post in an hour or so.

This should be easy.

Bloggys 2015: I Am a Nominee

Thursday, September 24, 2015 34 Comments A+ a-

I've never heard of Bloggys until quite recently when I received an email notifying me being a nominee of Bloggys 2015 - the Philippine's premiere blogging event.
Nominated in Bloggys 2015

Desperately Wanting

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I have always been fascinated with people - guys for that matter - who play guitar. And I've always wanted to be the one who can play the guitar. I wanted to be a badass guitarist. You know. The one who plays with the band that lives and breathes beautiful music. That chic worshipped by rocker boys who got blown away by her jaw-dropping solo.

Back when guitarists were labeled "cool" and the one who'd always get the attention (and by guitarist, I mean anyone who can carry a tune with the instrument), I was pretty excited when one of my friends in high school taught me how to play the guitar. I grabbed the neck, laid it close to my chest, hugged the body, and made love with it. It was a beautiful moment. I told myself I'm going to be a budding female version of Slash sans the top hat. (I only know Slash because of Sweet Child O' Mine. Other than that... No, I won't pretend that I really know him. But yes, I wanted to have mad skills like Slash.)

What's the Score Behind the Wheel?

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Just a few days ago while Jan and I were walking along a quiet street on my way to my interview at past midnight, we were startled when a driver of a Toyota Fortuner honked his horn at us. I looked around and saw no one, except for the cars parked alongside the road. We were walking on the side too or maybe a little further from the side, but still there's enough space for two cars to pass without hitting anyone walking by. So I'm not really sure if that's the reason for the honking. I gave Jan a puzzled look and continued to walk. After a few meters, the car was still behind us running at a very slow speed. I am well aware of the city ordinance's 30kph speed limit. But if it's running at the same pace as ours, it wouldn't take long to smell something suspiscious. We were cautious. So we slowed down and the car slowed down. We stopped and the car stopped. We continued to walk and the car continued behind.

It Is the Little Things

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I came home very early today (by early, I mean five in the morning), dragged myself towards the only heaven I know at that moment - which is my room - stripped myself off the oxford shirt I've worn during the job interview, and put on my most comfy cottony clothes. 

I still have an hour to go before everybody starts going out and about the house, preparing themselves for a day ahead. I would have loved to catch some sleep as my eyes were already droopy. And I owe myself a good, long one too. But before I drift away to slumber land, I took out my phone and sent Jan a message telling him that I'm already home. Then I lay on my bed and waited for his reply. I was staring at my screen for quite some time when a warm feeling washed over me and I smiled. Suddenly, I was not sleepy anymore. Thoughts kept running on my mind and I just felt the need to spill it all out even though I have said on my previous post that I won't be writing anything until I come home from our weekend vacation.

Waiting for his reply just reminded me how blessed I am. I think about what I've done in life and how I must be favored by the gods to deserve someone so loving, caring, and thoughtful. I think about all those little things he has done and how he cares so much about me. Just like most girls, being treated like a princess is a guilty pleasure. But he's no prince charming nor a leading man as he does not follow the script that was laid out for couples like a love story written by Nicholas Sparks. To tell you honestly, he's no cassanova nor does he make cheesy romantic gestures to prove his love. No chocolates, no flowers, no gifts, no fancy dinner. No, he does not spoil me like that. But he has his ways. And I wouldn't have it any other way.

His reply came shortly and I'm glad he's home too. He was with me during a job interview with the client at one o'clock in the morning (the company works with the US time zone, that's why). He came from his day job, but still waited for me patiently without complaints - just an all-out support and making me feel better when I'm too nervous, and even went out of the way to stay up all throughout the night. I couldn't count the number of sacrifices he has done for me. Those times when he doesn't feel well but would still get up and pretend that he's okay just so he can spend a little more time with me. Or those times when he would patiently wait while I'm working overtime so we can eat dinner together. Those simple gestures of giving me a part of his life that he can never take back - his time - is something that I truly cherish. He makes time for me even if time is something we don't have much for now. And I don't think I can ever be grateful enough.

The Sunday Currently Vol. 4

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I just noticed that my blog entries lately are sort of heavy and meaty. You know, those write-ups that have been well-thought of with words that seem to last forever, or a better way to put it, boring. Thought I would write something refreshing and light this time. :)


Selling Hitler by Robert Harris. I actually had this book a few months ago and I never got to read it until today. I bought it at BookSale for only Php 20. Sweet heavens!

I don't know if it is with my fascination with the Third Reich or simply because Harris has done a remarkable job in writing a page-turner piece of history served hot and delicious with a flavorful humor that I find this book impossible to put down.

Note to self: Tomorrow's Monday. Please get some sleep.

this blog entry and nothing else. Although I was actually thinking of writing a script for my verbal attack on PLDT for their lousy service. I am having crappy internet issues for almost a week now. Calling their hotline and following up for the nth time doesn't seem to help. Konti na lang, mapupuno na ako. I hope their customer service actions are as prompt as their bills.

to Jack Johnson (again, yes). I don't think I'll ever get tired listening to his songs. Sundays aren't complete without a dose of him. Go on and listen to his songs and you'll feel a lot better.

Currently playing: Flake

this blinking cursor. Because I'm still racking my brains out if I watched something significant (or insignificant) earlier today. Oh yeah, I was watching my mum cook dinner while I sit and wait. This is why I love Sundays.

of ways to keep track of my finances. I'll do better this time. I promise.

for a good week. I found other ways to earn moolah again. Woot!

the little attention my blog is getting. I feel loved even though I know most of those who come here are technically strangers. I hope I made you feel home in my little space in the internet as much as you made me feel better each time you read, lurk, and more so interact with me. Gracias, amigos!

to eat Lucky Me Chilimansi pancit canton with dumang. I've been obssessed with dumang lately. It's a chili powder I got from our recent trip in Aliwagwag, Cateel, Davao Oriental. I've been putting dumang to everything I eat, including green mangoes and pickled cucumbers.

EXERCISE. I've been really inactive lately. I need to work out those damn muscles again and get back in shape.

excited for our long weekend trip to Bucas Grande! Woot! So from here, this blog's going to be quiet until we get home from the trip.

for the days to go faster. Like I said, I've been waiting for the weekend and it's killing me.

or more like raping the Refresh button. Internet's been acting up. And yes, the Publish button in a few (that is, if I could even publish this given the sluggish speed).

How did your weekend go? I hope you had a good one. And I wish everyone a great week ahead! :)

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Top Ten Tuesday

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I thought I'd introduce a new blogging feature, Top Ten Tuesday. This is nothing new. Perhaps a lot of people are doing something like this already. This was inspired from the creators of the idea, the book bloggers: The Broke and the Bookish. And since my blog doesn't exclusively talk about books, I thought I'd share with you Top Ten of anything I can think of. Be it my top favorite movies, quotes, beauty regimens, or things to thank for. The topics are limitless - so there'd be no reason to run out of things to write. And I encourage you to do the same. Just write top ten of anything that says something about yourself. :)

So for my first ever Top Ten Tuesday feature, let me talk about my top ten favorite tv series. I know, I know. I have already told you a thousand times that I don't watch TV. Yes, I don't. But I do have some days of binge-watching my favorite series in one day. This is the reason why I hate the waiting game, and that's why I haven't watched Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead yet. Haha. Don't judge. :)

Getting Out of the Murk

Saturday, September 5, 2015 24 Comments A+ a-

I don't have a job right now. And maybe a lot of you are wondering how the f*ck was I able to survive three months of paying bills and tuition fees, splurging on unneccessary stuff, and gallivanting without having a stable and full-time job. I do have a few Mobile App design jobs however, and I depended so much on my savings to sustain every whim (wrong move, I know). But just when August ended, I realized that I am running out of funds. Really.

August Blues and September Goals

Thursday, September 3, 2015 10 Comments A+ a-

Finally, we've hit the "ber" months and I'm not really sure how I should feel about it knowing that the holiday festivities are just around the corner and I am nearing financial doomsday.

I don't know what came up to me when I had my dad's old car fixed. Maybe because I have this thing for anything vintagey. What we have here is a Suzuki Jimny from the 80s (or late 70s?). It is old and has seen better days.

This thing has not been used since my dad left for USA to work (that's like ten years already). Ipinapakilo na dapat ang mga ganito. But surprisingly, the mechanics said it is not hopeless and this little truck would be powerful again once it comes back to shape. Although I think it needs more than just an overhaul (I talk like I know automotive. Haha). What's even more surprising is that a lot of people has shown interest on it despite being heavily scratched, severely dented, and junk shop worthy. Not only that it was neglected but it was abused as well, dahil kung anu-ano ang pinapatong dito, sako-sako ng semento, bakal, stocks, at kung anu-ano pa. And my dad, being the sentimental person that he is, is very reluctant to sell his first car. Well, this going to be classic, they say. Old Suzukis are known to be tough little horses. So I got that going for me.
This is how it looks now. Still a work in progress, about 30% done.
Although I don't really want to think how much moolah was spent, but to give you an idea, I would have been able to scratch Skydiving off my bucketlist or I can survive a month without a job if not for this. And it's not even halfway there yet. Pintura pa lang, umiyak na ako ng pako. T_T Haha

Car talks aside, I hated that I just lost weight without even trying. And you should know how much I struggle to maintain or gain weight. These are the times when I wish I love sweets and fats, or my metabolism could've at least slowed down a bit. Hehe. I also hated that I don't get to see Jan as often as I like. The same way that I hated the fact that the past few days were just all about getting through the day without computer or internet because I couldn't use both while people were working (welding) on some grills in our garage. I hated that I am lazier than I was. And I hated that I whine too much over these petty little things, when others could have had it worse.

August wasn't really productive. So for September, I only have one goal: that is to look for a full-time job that would allow me to see the sunshine and have a real human interaction again. And oh, I think I have got to build those damn muscles too. Aaaaand I am seriously thinking of going back to school and take some units in Education, because I think I want to be a High School teacher. Haha. Or just forget it. I was just delusional and I plead temporary insanity. Hello Sarah, please look for a job first.

Things are going to change now. September has always been good to me. And I am claiming this month. This is my month. I know good things are about to happen. And I will make it happen.

Hello, September! Ready to rock this month? Let's get it on! :)

Create an Archive List/Page for Blogger

Wednesday, September 2, 2015 130 Comments A+ a-

After revamping my blog with this awesome free theme from ThemeXpose that I absolutely love, I decided to remove the archive list widget for good in hopes of decluttering my sidebar. However, I still want to offer you, my dear readers, an easy way to backtrack and dig my old posts just in case you want to read about how I sucked at handling life, or just for the heck of hate-reading me, or simply, just because you want to get to know me more (aaaawww ). So I decided to go for an archives page instead.

Do blog archives matter?
Yes, they do. As a matter of fact, they are essential, not only that it gives your blog depth and credibility but it also cultivates loyalty to your readers as well. How? Having an Archives increases the amount of time your visitors spend on your site - giving them a chance of knowing you more which will eventually lead to keeping them engaged and loyal to your blog. Don't just let your old blog posts sit in the dark and gather dusts. :)

For months, I've been using this code from jhwilson's Create a Blogger Archive Page. Here's how it looked like: