7 Ways to Do More with Less on a Holiday Season

Wednesday, December 30, 2015 7 Comments A+ a-

The holiday season is the most awaited season. It is an exciting time full of gifts and bright Christmas lights displays that would make you wish the holidays would never end. Between shopping, vacations, and extravagant holiday meals, saving money and conserving energy would be the least of our concerns during the holidays. In fact, we really don't mind about those things at all.

Although it really feels that cash registers are the ones singing the merriest jingles this season, there are actually a lot of ways to have all the fun this holiday season without starving our pockets and putting our wallets on a diet.

How can one actually do more with less? Here are 7 surefire ways that can help you do more without having to put yourself on a spending spree.

1. Detox digitally
I know this is hard and almost close to impossible. Internet has become the means of communication and be connected everywhere. As someone who takes pride of being a multi-tasker switching from one app to another, how are you supposed to switch off digitally?

Honestly, you cant.

But you can minimize. You can lessen the usage. You can spend less time on Facebook. You can read books or have a real conversation with real people. You wouldn't die if you haven't checked your Facebook or Twitter for a day, would you? Plus, you'd also save yourself from spending unknowingly for lurking to sites like ebay, lazada, or olx. And that could also mean saving a significant amount on your electricity bills.
Did you know that the internet can zombify you?
And with the internet invading our lives turning them into pixels, I think it's about time we see the world not through our screens but through our very own eyes, so let's also...

Black Dress, a Broken Lipstick, and a Night to Remember

Sunday, December 20, 2015 10 Comments A+ a-

As someone who doesn't wear make up, the most comforting words I'll ever hear from another woman are, "I don't know how to put a makeup on either."

Yes! I am still a woman after all. Haha!

The other day, I found new (still sealed) lipsticks in one of our drawers. It was from my dad and mom said it was for me. I'm not really sure how long has it been sitting in there. But I tried it on anyway. I smoothed the lipstick on like a pro, 'cause it was as easy as putting a ChapStick. Then the next thing I know, one of my buck tooth's covered with red. And I broke the lipstick.
I'm an artist. I can make bad designs look good. This should be easy.

A White Night to Remember

Monday, December 14, 2015 26 Comments A+ a-

First of all, damn I have got to think of a killer opening line for my blog post... "First of all" just doesn't cut it. But yeah, first of all, I'd like to congratulate myself for totally nailing that 299-peso ($6) dress and made it look like Marilyn Monroe's iconic flying skirt.

White Dress, Pale Face

Sunday, December 6, 2015 12 Comments A+ a-

I have a lot to blog in mind. I would have loved to write about how the political brouhaha has blown out of proportion. But I won't. I'll leave that to the social media people who are more "active" with politics. I just want to stay away from my pa-deep thoughts for a while and write about anything shallow and mundane. It has been quite stressful lately. Something serious is the last thing I would need today.

Anyway, tomorrow I'm going to start a new routine that involves shutting off the alarm at 4 o'clock in the morning, exercising, and dressing up smartly. And I just realized I haven't gotten a new wardrobe for the last 2 years. I don't remember the last time I actually bought something new for myself (except for that hiking shoes) without including last Friday's mishap when I bought a white dress to wear for the Davao Bloggers Society White Party. Yikes!

I would've loved to make do what's already in my closet. But throw in my pambahays and Jan's shirt that I wear most of the nights, plus a couple more shirt I got free from my old office, and my neighbor's dog still has more clothes than I do. Yeah, that's how pathetic my closet is. If only I could fit into that white Juicy Couture doggie track suit with hoodie, then I'm good to go.

Well, I could also sport my usual outfit of the day year (shirt, jeans, and sneakers, but in white) if I want to but I got this feeling that I should wear something presentable. So I bought one cute dress and I know it's going to be a one time use only. Buti na lang mura lang sya. Lucky if I get to join another white party. (Where else can I use an all white dress anyway?) 

Now I remember how funny it was when people used to gang up on me each time I wear a dress that I get frozen with their compliments like I just won an award or something. Haha. At least, for the incoming party, dressing up will be less of a shock since I don't know anyone there except perhaps the familiar faces of the bloggers I met in 2013. I don't think they can even remember me. I haven't really joined any other events after the acquaintance party. But still, I'm pretty excited about it, although I really do not know what to expect there. Some dancing, maybe? Haha.

I have no idea.


I hate that I couldn't even come up with a better title

Wednesday, December 2, 2015 14 Comments A+ a-

This blog post is a perfect example how politics can eat up a large amount of my time and energy. I can't help it. Philippine politics is intriguing, dramatic, and at the same time entertaining. But it is equally detestable as well.

I hate politics but I have got to admit that I am addicted to it. We are addicted to it. I think everybody is. Even our religious leaders couldn't help but get themselves involved with politics that they spend more time on it than on God. Don't you find it amazing how politics can make you hate it enough to keep you involved, interested, and informed? I am still bemused.

I swear I never really wanted to see myself write another post about politics (say politics one more time, Sarah). But as much as I wanted to stay away from it, it is everywhere I go. It's like a plague that no one can get away from. 99% of the things I read on Facebook is all about politics. And by politics, I mean Duterte. And I hate that I add to that 99%. I could have just posted funny videos of cats or blogged about the bacon I had for breakfast instead to lighten up the cranky mood brought about the chaos that is politics.

Our Mayor Duterte is a political hot potato who is suffering another blow from sensationalism, political-analyst wannabes, and bandwagoners who believe in everything they see on the internet. Yes, the man may have gone overboard with his cussing as he expressed his exasperation over the country's problems which remained unsolved, or worse, ignored by those in the higher power. But that's who he is. I'd rather have a leader who curses like a sailor but has the vision, strong will, and guts to push the country up that's in perpetual decline - a man I find in Duterte - than someone whose evil political agenda are hidden behind the mouth of a saint.

But more than that, all those cheap shots and hate messages directed to Mayor Duterte made me realize how bad outweighs the good. How easy it is for us to forget all the good things a person did for one bad act he made. Maybe we can put the blame on the psychology of human behavior or neuroscience. Because as far as I can remember my college lessons, brain activity increases at the feelings of anger, sadness, fear, disappointment, violence, or pretty much anything unpleasant. An increased brain activity means thorough processing of the emotion linked to it. Maybe that explains why it is easier to remember the negative and why negativity bias exists. Or maybe we are just jerks. Either way, I hate that humans are wired that way.

Aaargh, enough of politics. I really intend this to be a personal thought. But I guess, I got carried away by the politics. Anyway, speaking of a one bad act clouding all the other good deeds done, I think it can also come the other way around. You know, when things of a more positive nature have a greater effect on you it tramples the negative. Well, it should come the other way around. However you approach it, Pollyanna principle or placebo effect or simply just being someone with a positive outlook (it's a matter of perspective, really), it's absolutely better than the other one.

I don't know if I have ever mentioned it here on my blog, but the past few months have really been shitty. Those months when I slumped into the feeling of worthlessness and shit. And instead of pushing myself back on my feet, I felt demotivated and confused about what I was supposed to do next. Frustrated that I'd lost months of my life wallowing in self-pity.

I hate that I found myself in that situation.