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Blue Cheese and a Week of Hell

Last Monday was the first time I ever had a blue cheese and I almost gagged. In front of scholars, businessmen, and the Australian ambassador to the Philippines. But since everything else on my plate was utterly delicious, I was able to compose myself, swallowed the cheese whole and immediately stuffed my mouth with the best Australian pie I ever had before disaster could ever happen - afraid that I may never be invited to such event again and be remembered as the girl who caused ruckus just because she cannot eat cheese (as if the overwhelming judgement I face regularly as someone who doesn't love cheese is not enough).
I cannot fathom how people could eat a mouthful of blue cheese as if it was just a chocolate or something. Cheeses cries! What's wrong with you people? And why do scientists have to conduct a study about why some people hate cheese like it's some rare and mysterious disease? How is it unnatural to naturally dislike cheese? Telling people you don't like cheese is like telling a devotee you don't believe in their god and they will spend all day persuading you to see the light.

Rabies Shots and a Jaywalking Ticket

I think my cat, Appa, thinks I am super adorable that he decided to bite me. Well, if I had it my way, that's how I would show my fondness to Jan too. Except, there will be no bleeding.

Appa is actually sweet and affectionate. He follows me wherever I am. He sits on my lap whenever I work. Snuggles beside me when I'm on my bed. And right now, alcsfnhacflhan ;j;dh;jhb[dtu[ he's helping me write this post. Awww... thank you so much, buddy! His sweetness makes me forget that cats are naturally shady characters. Perhaps, he was actually trying to murder me because his breakfast was not served on time. I did not see him the whole day, so I can only assume he's plotting his next move after a failed murder attempt.

But if my cat did not kill me, the rabies shots will. Google simply told me that one vial costs more than a thousand pesos and I need at least 3 shots for it. 4 if he's proven rabid (which I think he's not. I believe he's just a murderous, raving lunatic). The cost did give me a heart attack but not close to killing me though. Try harder, Appa.

Anyway, I rushed to the Animal Bite Center and had some tetanus and rabies shots. And surprisingly, I did not have to pay for the shots. Yaaaas! I just have to shell out Php 82.50 for the injection fee for all sessions. Then I went off my merry way knowing I just got off the hook from dying a horrific death.

Afterwards, I decided to have a burger for breakfast and walked mindlessly towards Jollibee when a CTTM Officer called my attention. And the next thing I know, I am scheduled to attend a mandatory pedestrian orientation for violating the city's Anti-Jaywalking Ordinance. I think I could've died of embarrassment while being apprehended in public. But I was just laughing inside my head asking what the fudge have I gotten myself into this time.

Well, shit happens. And it's a fact in life that we can never get away from. But it's not permanent. So that's okay. My mornings usually follow the same boring routine. A bite from a suspected murderous cat and a jaywalking ticket just added a little flavor to it. But I will certainly not have any of that ever again because it doesn't taste good. But hey, I had Jollibee's Chiken Joy for lunch with Jan at home... so it's not a bad day after all. :)

Being Sick Sucks

I don't always get sick but when I do I get the nastiest cough and cold virus ever. I think this is the first time in 2016 that I got hit (yeah, I'm a hardy like that). I was all and well training Muay Thai, then the next day I have a sore throat, then came the fever, and now my voice is gone. I have an annoying dry cough, my nose is stuffy, and I can't breathe properly.

I hate being sick because it makes me lose my appetite and I end up feeling completely incapable of taking care of myself. I hate that I feel too needy. Jan has been going the extra mile to take care of me when in fact I could have done things myself. Although I love it this way (spoiled girlfriend alert teehee), being sick still sucks.

And the worst thing about being sick is the timing. The body could have chosen another time to weaken and lay all the drama of dying. I cannot afford to be sick when I have to impress the client with my awesome skills and fast delivery. But work is not something I could do properly when the head is all foggy. I couldn't get a lot of stuff done. Even writing this post is a beast.

I really hope I get better soon because I have a prestigious and BIIIIIG event to attend to. Not that I am excited about it (the word prestigious scares me). But damn! It is something I don't want to miss.
Ito talaga yun eh. Ito lang naman kinain ko bago ako nagkasakit.

Do Not Ever Hit the Snooze Button

Because it's going to ruin your life.

I just got my payslip and cringed at the tax that I had to pay. But what really turned my stomach was the amount of deduction from my salary.

All because of that snooze button.

That "five more minutes" daily would cost me around Php 1.5k a month. And that five more minutes after another didn't make me feel better. While squeezing five more minutes of sleep might seem glorious, trust me, it is not worth it. First, it doesn't do you any good waking up and getting yourself in another sleep cycle. Second, that extended five minutes will not keep you from waking up groggy. And lastly, hitting that snooze button will only get you broke.

I just calculated all my estimated deductions from tardiness since January this year. And I sincerely wish I didn't do it. The calculator read five figures. Fvck. That amount might have already gotten me a round trip ticket to Batanes. Or I wouldn't have to worry about my pocket money for this month's trip. Damn these old habits that die hard. Damn whoever invented that snooze button. Damn you, self, for calculating.

Lesson learned: do not do Math.

It's already September, I guess it's not yet too late to live my best life in 2016. This morning, I came to work five minutes early. The question now is, how long can I last this challenge? I guess, I should start with my sleeping habits. As the old adage goes, early to bed and early to rise, makes the man healthy and wise.


I think I just felt my eyes roll. Sigh. Hey brain, why must you be active at night? How I wish I can just defy the laws of the universe and simply be able to bend space and time. Whatever.

“If you're always on time, it implies that you never have anything better you should be doing.” - Kelsier. Brandon Sanderson, Mistborn: The Final Empire.

What Would Cheeses Do?

WARNING: This will be another cheesy random blog post.

Although that warning wouldn't really matter because, apparently, everyone in this planet loves cheese...

Except me.

It's probably what people will remember me by. The girl who hates cheese.

And there is nothing quite like getting all the glare with murderous intent from people who cannot fathom how one could have hated cheese. It's like I have committed a mortal sin just for hating it and I should be damned for eternity. Although I would definitely feel the same way to anyone who doesn't like bacon.

I hate cheese and all things cheese. Except quesadilla. And pizza. And I would definitely love to have a blueberry and cream cheese waffle right now.
I'd be damned if this was edible.

Anyway, I have made my point. I don't like cheese. Period. Now, let's talk about my love-hate relationship with ketchup and how a sheer act of getting it out of its bottle or tearing open a sachet frustrates me.