My first take on Photography

Like I said, I want to try this hobby. So far, I'm loving it. I just don't have a decent camera to take pictures. But that doesn't mean that my own point-and-shoot (or even my phone cam) can't take decent pictures. Maybe if I'd go really far for this hobby, I might save up for a dslr. But for now I am just enjoying. Here are some of my shots, hope you enjoy!


Cupboard Treasures: Old Sketches

I was looking for some books and old magazines inside the cupboard under the stairs when I accidentally found my old drawings... these are sketches I made way back 2003.

Now that I've found some of my drawings, I'm miserably searching for my lost sketchpad because all of my drawings (from portraits- to landscapes- to animes) are there. Good luck to me.

Emergency Room Blues

WARNING: some content are gross

    I was on a morning shift duty at the emergency room in a public hospital. Everything went quite well this morning until I came back after my lunch break (rarely happens in ER). Everyone was already scurrying, the room explodes with activity as more and more patients were rushing in. Of course, it is to be expected in an emergency room.

    It's just the way I love it. Perhaps working in 911 or Emergency room would be my option next to working as an OR Nurse. Operating Room is strictly clean, disinfected and sterile. A room which is very contradictory to the Emergency Room where you’ll find all the disgusting stuff. Not just blood, but stools, phlegm, vomit and discharges all in different colors and smell.

    I swear I could sit next to a bloody open corpse and still eat my lunch. I could even stare at the sight of a hanging eyeball without blinking. I could examine a person’s bloody abdomen with his gut coming out. I could look at anything gross, but the smell I couldn’t take it.

    The horrid smell inside the ER has the ability to pass through layers and layers of the mask I’m wearing. It makes me really sick. Nobody likes the smell of urine. Nobody likes the smell of a poop. Nobody likes the smell of a mouth that gives out a horrendous breath. Nobody likes the smell of someone who hasn’t bathed for a week. Nobody likes the smell of a decaying wound that smells like a rotten egg. It really makes me sick.

    That’s ER. It’s perfectly normal. I need to have a stronger stomach to endure all of these day by day.

    Yet, no matter how sickening the emergency room can be, I still love what I’m doing. I dread lectures, I hate the wards, but the vigor, thrill, teamwork and the aim to save lives inside the ER is what persists to drive my passion for this kind of profession. Each patient I met is different and the knowledge needed to care for every new patient is something I know I will be learning better through time and experience.

My Pets: The Hidden Beauties of Ugly Beasts

I really don’t know what came into my mind why I got myself into this kind of hobby; because it is rare, exotic, creepy, and not for the faint-hearted perhaps? Or for one reason I don’t know, I just love it. It’s quite a long time since I engrossed myself into this hobby and it’s very addictive. I’m pretty sure this hobby is very unlikely, especially for girls. Who would want to pet a big-hairy-creepy-crawly anyway? 

Well… I do. I am an elfin female, and with one fleeting glance at me you’ll never know that I own some of those enthralling little creatures labeled as the fearsome eight-legged freaks… the tarantulas!

 Creepy and odd as it seems, I actually have a few of them. In fact, I still want to have more if only my budget allows me. I’ve already spent a fortune with this hobby, but for now I am on hiatus with my tarantula buying spree. Tarantulas can be very costly. But no matter how expensive they get, take this from me… the money spent is all worth it. Shown in the pictures below are my sub-adult tarantulas.
Getting big. Almost the size of my name plate

Of frustrations and aspirations

After our cheerdance practice at school, I was supposed to go home directly because I feel so weary and almost worn out. But for some reason I can’t explain, I decided to walk along on the other path with two of my friends who happen to be in the squad too. Along the way, they stopped at a bulletin board and read one of the posters displayed. Intrigued, I went reading with them too. I got thrilled when I found out that it was actually a nationwide photography and creative writing contest. Just for experience and plain fun, I did not hesitate nor did I have second thoughts of joining the photography contest. Besides, there’s nothing to lose.

    Well, that’s how it all began. We talked about the contest. Then, I was so elated when we actually started a real conversation, from a simple photography topic to the dearest longing of our hearts; we talked about anything – our interests, our hobbies, and our passion. I realized then that there are actually people who share the same interests and passion with me; it’s just that I haven’t noticed them and there’s only a few of them I can spot in our school.

    Later did I realize that we have been standing and discussing there for about an hour. In front of that poster, we were there unveiling each others’ hidden frustrations and desires. It just felt good, because I know there’s a talent that lies within us. There’s another being deep in our hearts that’s been yearning to be awaken and come out of the shell. Piece by piece we are discovering each other, knowing each other in a profound way.

    Oftentimes, the people who know me doesn’t really know that I have an aptitude for other things such as public speaking and writing, or an igniting passion for photography because what they only know about me is the thing they see often which is dancing. Only a few can see through inside my translucent self, albeit sometimes I am opaque.

    Finally, online communities aside, there’s someone real I can talk to about my interests. I am so glad that I’ve found people who truly share the same passion with me, and what’s good about it is that we belong in just one squad.

    Now, the three of us is will be joining the photo contest, and we’ll begin our photoshoot tomorrow. We’re also planning to involve ourselves to some things that are out of our ordinary day-to-day, the theater? or the toastmasters club perhaps? Hahaha. Dream on, Sarah, dream on.

Beauty in a bottle

Went out with my friends and friends of friends today at the memorial park. Well, I really hate walking under the scorching heat of the sun. I think everybody does. But I do love playing soccer and going to the beach, which would only mean more than an hour of basking under the sun. Yes, I am getting dark day by day.

Speaking about getting dark, and as I am currently sitting on a coffee shop where I can see a giant skin whitening product billboard a few meters ahead of me, I don’t understand why most of these Filipinos want to whiten their skin? What’s wrong with being a morena?

Most women spend a fortune to attain the “ideal beauty” the media and some various advertisement project: a soft, lustrous, creamy white skin, a long pointed nose, a long and straight hair, and a tight “coca-cola” body (big boobs, small waist and a big bum) to name some. The wonders of bleaching (or skin whitening lotions and whitening pills), liposuction, hair straightening, rhinoplasty, boob job and all other means of attaining “ideal beauty” makes it possible to become “beautiful” as how most people perceive it. It’s as if the flat-chested women, nor the dark-skinned people have no right to beauty.

So what, if you do not have a skin as white as Kris Aquino? So what, if your hair isn’t as straight as KC Concepcion? So what, if your body doesn’t fit for "America’s Next Top Model"? You don’t have to have a pearly white skin, nor a straight hair, nor a pointed nose, nor a “coca-cola” body to be beautiful.

I’m not blessed with a fair skin, nor a pointed nose. But I’m very contented how God has created me. And there’s one thing I’m very sure of, I am beautiful no matter how ugly other people would see me. I’ll share this with you… the secret of staying beautiful is believing that YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. *wink*

Mountaineering 101: Tips and lessons that will help you on your first climb

        I simply love outdoor adventures. I love experiencing the thrill, exploring the wilderness, feeling the adrenaline rush, and bestowing myself to be one with nature. It feels great, it feels so wonderful. I am sharing this because I just want to bring you the beauty and rewards of being a mountaineer: the breath-taking sceneries, majestic sunrise, dramatic sunset, and the jaw-dropping views spelled in just three letters: W-O-W!

Beautiful, isn't it? Mt. Apo Sunset taken by my friend Mark Chester O. Pidor

Bigger blogosphere

I pour out my anger by typing out loud. I just had a bad day. I want to rant but I can't. Friendster blogs went down again. I hate this when it happens. And it always happen.

 So now, I'm moving. Moving to a bigger blogosphere. Ditching my old blog. Hooray for first post. hahaha