Mindanao Tarantula and Scorpion Society Meet

Hobbyists, arachnid lovers, tarantula and scorpion keepers, arachnofreaks, arachnoholics, whatever you call us, we are different people who share the same passion. And for the 3rd time we made a successful gathering, shared our experiences, knowledge, and of course, what would the meet be without our dear arachnids.

Zipline at Extreme Samal Adventure

It was a sunny Saturday afternoon, the sun was high, the boys were having their usual RH drinking spree sessions (take note, under the scorching sun), then an american guy approached us and said "You should be doing this."

He showed us a picture of a high cliff (about 130 feet? if I got it right), with a rope connected to the sea. I really don't have any idea what the hell was that, all I know is that it'll be another adventure that's about to take place one lazy afternoon.

It was a ZIPLINE! the moment we saw the photo, everyone agreed to try it without any hesitations, without second thoughts. :)

We paid 100 pesos for 2 slides instead of the regular rates which is 150 pesos.

The money is all worth it. :)

Daphne, Jonah, and me

Beach Escapade with my Second Family

Beach, booze and good laughs. Nothing beats spending the whole weekend with your barkada. :)

Fear Factor

 It's all about my creepy crawly tarantulas again. Well I've been into this hobby for a long time and to tell you honestly I've only handled quite a few of my pets - the ones with a docile temperament.

I never thought of handling my most aggressive spiders, fearing i might get bitten.. well, the bite i can take, but the potency of the venom makes me think twice about handling them... i've read a lot of stories of people being bitten by their tarantulas and the severity of the bite reported ranges from a mild stinging pain to a week of agonizing pain of muscle cramps (i've read this somewhere in arachnoboards.com)
My C. huahini up close

So one day, I went out of my wits and thought of handling 2 of my most aggressive spiders:

We have a duckling! :)

My sister won this from a 'random lucky pick' from a vendor outside her school. I feel sad for the ducklings though. Helpless to become a prize. Who knows what their fate would be in the hands of a kid? Geez. Anyway, this one's a cutie and very sweet too. 

Tomorrow is another year

                The year is about to end. A fresh new year is about to begin. A new chapter of my life is about to unfold. What lies ahead of me? Will there be a change? Will I accept the change? Or will I just stand up in the same place I’m standing on right now?

                I could still remember those tormenting months I had when my mom and I used to have a feud. Our fight really made a drastic change in my life - it was actually a catastrophe. I have neglected my studies and my responsibilities; I’ve lost myself and almost lost my faith. It didn’t only affect my life, but the lives of those who cared for me as well. It really made a deep cut into my heart that I thought it would be impossible to heal. But those events made my life more meaningful, it made me see the real beauty of a simple yet complicated life. It made me stronger than I was before. And lastly, it made me learn how to forgive.

            Where I am and what I’ve become right now is all because of the things that happened in my past and with the help of our good Lord. Perhaps, I’ve lost a lot, I’ve lost too much. Yet, I have gained something that will always be with me and will never be taken away from me... That is having the courage and will to forgive the ones who once hurt me inside.

            It wasn't easy, but I did. Forgiveness made my heart feel light as a feather floating in the open air. It was indeed an enlivening and wonderful feeling.

            Past is past as the cliché goes, but the past shouldn't be forgotten because it molded me in to what I am today. The scars are still visible, nonetheless, my heart is happy and wound-free. Those traces of a bitter yesterday will always be there to remind me of the things that happened along my journey. Those scars are there to show me how strong I’ve become, how I’ve handled the trials that were given to me, and how I've managed not to give up and keep going even when everything is getting tougher each day.

            My past gave me a positive outlook of life. These painful events made me a better and stronger person. These bitter-sweet memories that I have will always remain in me as I cherish the time I call today.

            The year is about to end. A few hours from now will be the start of 2008. Will I have a fresh start? Of course…yes. My heart is free from resentment, and I’ve yielded all the burdens inside me. Nothing beats the feeling of having a happy heart to start a new year.

            Have a happy new year everyone! I hope each and every one of us will have a fruitful and blessed year ahead of us. ^_^