Just a thought

If there's anything I learned about being a mom...is actually being able to drop the world and not care about the anything just as long as my baby is happy. :)

DigiArt 2. Because they like my work

So my guildmate saw my drawing, and asked me to draw his character as well. As promised, here it is:

Drawn in Photoshop CS3. Pen tool. :)

DigiArt. Because I got bored

I got bored from work. So I decided to draw my character in Ragnarok Online. Meet my SinX (Assassin Cross)

Drawn in Adobe Photoshop CS3

with a Pen Tool. Patience, yes a hell lot of patience.

Finished product :)

Morning musings

I am used to night time sleep dodging us before. But this time, it's different. Well, Rhett prefers to stay up and cry at night. And when he sleeps during the day, I am working. So a 4-hour sleep would be a luxury. And now it's what I needed the most. Really.

But I don't care if I don't get a lot of sleep, as long as when I wake up to this

Our little bundle of joy

Great things come in small packages. Thank God for blessing us with this little bundle of joy. :)

1 day old
He's the most gorgeous baby I've ever seen (of course!). He's amazing. We've been learning a lot now from him. Oh, the joys of the first time parents. :)

Fast forward

I haven't blogged lately. I barely had time to go online. I have an excuse, I'm pregnant. LOL.

But, nah, I regret that I did not document my pregnancy. I regret the fact that I haven't taken pictures of the baby clothes and things I've shopped. I regret not being able to share my experiences on this 9 month journey.

Why? I don't know. Maybe I'm just too lazy to take pictures and blog.

Anyway, like it or not, I'm sharing now. It's not yet too late. Here's my short baby bump tale:

Surprising Update

Haven't blogged in quite a long time..