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Saturday, November 3, 2007

Beauty in a bottle

Went out with my friends and friends of friends today at the memorial park. Well, I really hate walking under the scorching heat of the sun. I think everybody does. But even though I would scorn at the sun for being too unforgiving, I do love playing soccer and I can bask for hours under the sun without complaints as long as I'm at the beach. Yes, I am getting dark day by day.

Speaking about getting dark, while I sit and wait in a coffee shop where I can see a giant skin whitening product billboard a few meters ahead of me, it got me thinking why most of these Filipinos want to whiten their skin? What’s wrong with being a morena?

Most women spend a fortune to attain the “ideal beauty” the media and some various advertisement project: a soft, lustrous, creamy white skin, a long pointed nose, a long and straight hair, and a tight “coca-cola” body (big boobs, small waist and a big bum) to name some. The wonders of bleaching (or skin whitening lotions and whitening pills), liposuction, hair straightening, rhinoplasty, boob job and all other means of attaining “ideal beauty” makes it possible to become “beautiful” as how most people perceive it. It’s as if the flat-chested women, nor the dark-skinned people have no right to beauty.

So what, if you do not have a skin as white as Kris Aquino? So what, if your hair isn’t as straight as KC Concepcion? So what, if your body doesn’t fit for "America’s Next Top Model"? You don’t have to have a pearly white skin, nor a straight hair, nor a pointed nose, nor a “coca-cola” body to be beautiful.

I’m not blessed with a fair skin, nor a pointed nose. But I’m very contented how God has created me. And there’s one thing I’m very sure of, I am beautiful no matter how ugly other people would see me. I’ll share this with you… the secret of staying beautiful is believing that YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. *wink*

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