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Monday, November 19, 2007

My Pets: The Hidden Beauties of Ugly Beasts

I really don’t know what came into my mind why I got myself into this kind of hobby; because it is rare, exotic, creepy, and not for the faint-hearted perhaps? Or simply because... I just love it. It’s quite a long time since I engrossed myself into this hobby and it’s very addictive. I’m pretty sure this hobby is very unlikely, especially for girls. Who would want to pet a big-hairy-creepy-crawly anyway? 

Well… I do. I am a female and with one fleeting glance at me you’ll never know that I own some of those little creatures labeled as the fearsome eight-legged freaks… the tarantulas!

 Creepy and odd as it seems, I actually have a few of them. In fact, I still want to have more if only my budget allows me. I’ve already spent a fortune with this hobby, but for now I am on hiatus with my tarantula buying spree. Tarantulas can be very costly. But no matter how expensive they get, take this from me… the money spent is all worth it. Shown in the pictures below are my sub-adult tarantulas.
Getting big. Almost the size of my template.
Brachypelma Boehmei. I named here Dianne :)
 Not only that, tarantulas are also great stress relievers. They even act as clowns, especially when they do something weird and funny. Believe me, they do! Most of the time they get psycho. Other times boring as a pet rock, but still beautiful to look at. There’s so much more astonishing little things they do, like redecorating their homes, spinning a beautiful web tunnel, or drowning their prey. They will do anything and everything that will confuse and dumbfound the keeper. They’re indeed full of surprises. Herewith are some photos of my babies. I love them to bits…

G. pulchripes. I love those golden stripes on her knees.

N. coloratovillosus. This one's big and nasty.
See? Nasty. My little girl throwing a threat pose on me. :)

N. chromatus. Still a juvie. Wait till she grows up and show that beautiful red butt. :)

These pets are indeed a-d-o-r-a-b-l-e, but there's always a little devil within them. Harmless unless provoked.

It would take passion, a lot of research and knowledge, and it entails big responsibility for someone who wants to keep these little critters.
Dianne, out for a walk. :)

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