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Friday, May 9, 2008

Fear Factor

 It's all about my creepy crawly tarantulas again. Well I've been into this hobby for a long time and to tell you honestly I've only handled quite a few of my pets - the ones with a docile temperament.

I never thought of handling my most aggressive spiders, fearing i might get bitten.. well, the bite i can take, but the potency of the venom makes me think twice about handling them... i've read a lot of stories of people being bitten by their tarantulas and the severity of the bite reported ranges from a mild stinging pain to a week of agonizing pain of muscle cramps (i've read this somewhere in arachnoboards.com)
My C. huahini up close

So one day, I went out of my wits and thought of handling 2 of my most aggressive spiders:
Poecilotheria regalis (Indian Ornamental Tarantula) - she's 7.5cm(around 3inches) legspan, she's actually very fast and easily startled. And the Chilobracys huahini (Huahini Bird-eater/Asian Fawn Tarantula) -she's 4.5inches legspan, poses a threat pose at slight movement, and she's very fast.

Some info i got about these certain critters i have:

Poecilotheria regalis is probably the most popular ornamental in the hobby. Like the other pokeys, they are purported to have powerful venom compared to most other tarantulas. They are native to India as their name would suggest. Their speed makes them a poor choice for the beginner, but they're a beautiful classic for those with more experience. (source)
Poecilotheria regalis: There are individuals of this species that are prone to biting, but the three I have prefer to run. As they are capable of lightning speed, it is a quite effective defensive manuever. Some people that have been bitten by Poecilotheria have endured some swelling and cramping, which suggests that being bitten is wisely avoided. Their speed alone makes them a "look but don't touch" display spider. (source)
Poecilotheia regalis: One of the most popular, having brilliant patterns reaching 8" and very bulky. Aggressive arboreals, like all attractive pokies, reports of high potency of venom follows this spider with recommended caution. (source)

I could hardly find care sheets about my C. huahini over the internet, they're not that popular.. but hobbyists(from around the world) report that these creatures are very fast and aggressive. It is not recommended for a beginner.

Despite the information I've learned about them, I was a bit reluctant to handle them for the first time. But I did.

Beginners should not try handling these. They're still dangerous and the life of the spider is also at risk.

handling P. regalis

beautiful. you should see the color under them - striking bright yellow
my name plate, for size comparison
Handling C. huahini

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