Mindanao Tarantula and Scorpion Society Meet - Life is so full of tae!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Mindanao Tarantula and Scorpion Society Meet

Hobbyists, arachnid lovers, tarantula and scorpion keepers, arachnofreaks, arachnoholics, whatever you call us, we are different people who share the same passion. And for the 3rd time we made a successful gathering, shared our experiences, knowledge. And of course, what would the meet be without our dear arachnids?

The Hobbyists
Captivated by the beauty these little beasts bring
The enclosures
trying to identify the gender
Me, handing the itchy brachy 
Me, coaxing P. regalis. Just look at Sir Gary's expression.
This is one speedy nasty little devil

Orange Baboon Tarantula. Look, but don't touch
Beautiful GBB.

These are just some of the pictures. There's actually a lot of them beauties, spiders, scorpions, and even the feeder roaches too.

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