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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Fast forward

I haven't blogged lately. I barely had time to go online. I have an excuse, I'm pregnant. LOL.

But, nah, I regret that I did not document my pregnancy. I regret the fact that I haven't taken pictures of the baby clothes and things I've shopped. I regret not being able to share my experiences on this 9 month journey.

Why? I don't know. Maybe I'm just too lazy to take pictures and blog.

Anyway, like it or not, I'm sharing now. It's not yet too late. Here's my short baby bump tale:

-The first time I found out I was pregnant, I got scared. It was unexpected. I don't know what lies ahead.
-The first time I heard my baby's heartbeat (on the 3rd month) I can't explain how I felt. It was happiness I can't contain.
-4th month: The first time I felt my baby move, it felt like a little heartbeat only in my tummy, I  sat still and stiff, not moving a single muscle, waiting for my baby to move again.
-It's a boy! And I'm the happiest.
-Baby names. I'm going crazy!
-We listened to music. Talked to him frequently. He responses with a hard kick.
-5 months: His kicks are getting more frequent. And I can feel him move, like he's changing positions.
-7 months: He kicks harder now. Painful, yes. Nonetheless, I'm happy he's active.
-8 months: Talking to him more. Asking him not to make mommy suffer during his birth.
-Shopping for baby clothes is addictive!
-I kept on thinking how he would look like.
-I'm getting nervous, but at the same time excited, THE DAY is approaching.

And that was fast.

Earlier I had my monthly checkup with my OB as I had experienced a little spotting. I was due on July 1. She examined me and told me to get admitted to the hospital as early as tonight when the contractions get more frequent and longer. I might give birth tomorrow or the day after. Surprise! that's three weeks earlier my expected date. I am not prepared. I mean, I haven't packed yet. I haven't even made my list of to-brings to the hospital.

And here I am, blogging as I am experiencing frequent contractions, something I consider mild labor, while waiting for the car to bring us to the hospital. Yes, I'm going now. haha

See you!

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