25 random facts about me - Life is so full of tae!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

25 random facts about me

Got tagged in facebook. Had fun reading some of my friends' random facts. So, I might as well make one too. :D

Fast, fun facts you might want to know about me:

1. I got bitten by my pet tarantula. Got fever and a numb left arm 30 minutes after for two days and never told anybody about it. haha

2. Tarantulas don’t scare me, FROGS do (especially those warty, brown/green big ones.. ugh stay away!)

3. I am always late. I flunked a major subject because of my accumulated tardiness. xD

4. I love football. Enough said.

5. I choose gadgets and gizmos over clothes and fashion apparels.

6. I hate Twilight. I’ve read the book once, wasn’t even able to finish it. Not a single movie watched. And yet, for some reasons I hate it. Maybe i’m just not into sparkling vampires that watch you sleep at night, that’s creepy.

7. I have a big appetite. I can eat five cups of rice when I am hungry. Normal meals, I have 2 cups or 3
8. I dig into fantasy novels. No Twilight please.

9. I am ambidextrous. I can write well with my left and right hand.

10. If procrastinating is an art, then I am truly a gifted artist.

11. I’m not a TV person. So don’t ask me about the latest updates on tv shows because I can’t answer you anything.

12. I can’t consume an 8-ounce coke. If I do, it would take me an hour to sip it to the last drop.

13. I’m one of the boys. I grew up playing on the streets with the boys around my neighborhood. I chose kite, guns and cards over barbie dolls.

14. I have a fetish for caps. I actually have a hundreds of them. And I’m not exaggerating.

15. I love to dress up… but only when the situation calls for it. Shirt, jeans and sneakers are my thing.

16. I don’t sleep much. I only get around 3 hours of sleep per day and I’m fine with that. Funny how I find it ironic, that during my college days I sleep in class most of the time.

17. I love animals. I always watch videos of animals on youtube.The animals never cease to amaze me. NatGeo and Discovery Channel will always be my favorites.

18. I barely use my phone. If it is not something important, I don’t reply. So don’t bother.

19. I love street food! Hepa on a stick. E.coli on a cup. Yum!

20. I buried a time capsule when I was 9. All my shining jolens(marbles), ‘tex’ cards, pog, my favorite takyan and my pambatong trumpo (top) are inside that big can of Nido. Which is now irretrievable because our lot is already completely covered with concrete.

21. I love the outdoors and I want to conquer the peak of the majestic Mt. Apo, AGAIN!

22. I am a big Harry Potter fan.

23. “When I grow up I want to be a teacher” – my (infamous) ambition when I was in Kinder. Then I took up Nursing. But I ended up being a writer and graphics designer.

24. I’d like to set up a room full of terrariums one day. It would be great if I had all the species of tarantulas.

25. I love to travel. If I have the money and I could have it my way, I would just like to take a year off and just travel the world. Someday… one day.. I will.


  1. FROGS -- my biggest fear. :(
    I envy your for being an ambidextrous. I've tried so many times to write in my left hands but... Yeah. It sucks. Lol.
    I also love street food! We don't give a fuck to HEPA on a stick & E.coli on a cup, right? CHEERS! Haha.

    Cess | http://cesspiano.blogspot.com/

    1. My left hand is no longer as adept as it was back then. Perhaps because I rarely ever use it now. Haha. And yeah, cheers to street food! I've a new favorite, it's called pruben/proven (howdya spell it?). Thanks for dropping by, Cess! :)