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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Of Stethoscopes and Keyboards

Eight years ago, when I was at the verge of choosing my career path, anything that has something to do with computers never crossed my mind. I disliked our computer subject in high school… you just don’t know how much I hated Visual Basic and Pascal Programming Language. I never liked staying in front of the computer. I barely lasted 15 minutes using it.

So I decided to take up Nursing because I did not know what I really want. Plus, it doesn’t have a lot of Math subjects. And it was so "uso" at that time. And I know a lot of friends who are going to take the course too. So I thought it should be fun.
 Well, it was fun. I really had fun. But college was everything and I got astray a few times. But I found a road that led me to where I discovered my other potential.. something I most likely never thought about. Computers.

I never thought that I would ever love computers. I used to detest computers because R used to spend more time with computers than me. He had a good excuse though - he’s a Computer Science student. I used to watch him play which I didn’t find interesting… or so I thought.

But when my fingers started flinging with the keyboard and the mouse, I became unstoppable. Blame friendsterdotcom - it is the sole reason why I suddenly became addicted to computers. I made love with it that I could no longer last a day without logging in. Yes, it WAS that addicting.

I became a mouse-potato. I’ve learned more about the internet, and things started to become interesting. Then I got hooked to online and LAN games. I spent more than 3 hours per day in front of the computer. And it gradually increased to an alarming state - more than 15 hours in just one sitting. Will only get up to grab a food or a drink, or when nature calls.

From online games, I learned about website building. In our EDP (which I can't remember what it means) class, we were tasked to build a website about ourselves. And I found it interesting. Very interesting. Aside from the fact that I was so over obsessed with myself that it was such a fulfilling feeling for me to tell the world about me, colors that I like, books that I read, music that I listen to and sh*t things people don't really care about. Building a website about me, why not? I said hello to HTML then.

Few months later, I started blogging. And still it was all about me. That kept my interest to the internet fueled. Then came the time when I have to learn how to make my own pictures for my website. I was introduced to Adobe Photoshop 7.0. And I fell in love with it at first use. Then I started studying by myself. Spent hours for online tutorials, spent more hours exploring, experimenting, and learning every tool. Not only that I enjoy photo manips and graphic designs, but I started earning from that hobby too. I used my amateur photoshop skills to earn in-game currencies on the games that I played online. I do commissions. I get paid. And I’m loving it. Rawr.

So what happened to my nursing course? Hmmm... I survived college. But did not really pursue it.

But now, I have a job. And my job requires me to spend hours in front of my laptop. Well, I don’t really call it a job. Let’s just say, I’m getting paid for doing what I like.

I’m making a living and at the same time living a life for doing what I want. I am happy and I want to let it stay that way.  :-)

The nurse in me is still in a deep slumber… and maybe, just maybe, it will just awaken when the right time comes.

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