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Thursday, August 5, 2010

I just can't throw a friend away

There's this one book that I have for more than a decade already. I had this since I was in high school.

I remember the day when randomly picked a book from a bookshelf in our school library, filled up my library card, and went home. I opened the book, started reading it and for seven days it became my sleeping pill. It's a very small book, but it took me a week to finish it because I kept putting it down but most of the time, the book would send me to sleep. I did not appreciate it. I was 13 then.

Four years later, we were required to do a book report specifically on that same book. As everyone was trying to borrow the book from the library, I decided to have my own copy. It was a quick read as some parts of the book is difficult for me to get through. I finished my book report still, I did not appreciate it.

On my 3rd year in college, during our recollection while my friends and I were sharing our favorite anything, a friend told me to read Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom. Of course, who would have not remembered it, when it was read twice already? I just don't remember where in my room it sits, dusty, untouched.

I found it under the piles of my old school books that I am about to give away. It still looks as good as new, albeit dusty. I grabbed it, and I started reading it. By heart. I read it slowly, trying to understand every sentence, every quote, every situation. I put the book down sometimes, not because I got bored, but because I reflect. I take notes. I write my favorite lines. Then I think about it, but this time in a more profound way.  For the third time, I finally got the message. Touched. Inspired. It was heartfelt.  I absolutely loved it.

Hence, I recommended it to my friends. It was passed from one hand to another. And just yesterday, it was returned to me in this condition,
Mitch Albom's Tuesdays with Morrie
I should be disappointed but I'm not. I can actually buy a brand new one to put in my collection, but I did not. This book have been into many hands, and who knows, touched one's soul. This book has been a friend. I could not just throw it away.

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