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Monday, September 20, 2010

Anyone can cook

Remember Chef Gusteau's book 'Anyone can cook'? Well, apparently, I just proved it to be true.

I never really loved cooking. I am the one who used to wait while the mom cooks and I devour as much as I can. I never really liked the kitchen. At 20, I only know how to fry hotdogs and eggs.

But a lot of things have changed now.

Since we no longer have a household help, I just started learning how to cook real food last week. So expect to see simple dishes just enough to fill the tummies but won't necessarily satisfy the tastebuds. Hahaha

Excuse the food presentation, this is my first time. LOL

Spare Ribs. Good thing it did not turn out bad.

First Chicken Afritada

Fried tilapia escabeche

The verdict: They loved it. I'm starting to love the kitchen now. But I still hate cleaning up though. Ugh.

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