My failed attempt to 30 day drawing challenge - Life is so full of tae!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My failed attempt to 30 day drawing challenge

I tried, but failed. Didn't even get past day 3. LOL

Day 1: Draw yourself
Ugh.. I suck at self portraits. I don't even think I can draw my own face. That's why I drew a caricature (to have an excuse for a distorted face). LOL. But hey, jersey #7 + football = that's gotta be me! xD

Day 2: Draw your favorite animal
This is Amber, she WAS my dog. This sketch reminds me of Falkor (a dragon from the Never Ending Story which all along i thought was a dog.) Wherever you are Amber, I hope you're in good hands. I miss you so much bebe girl. :(

Day 3: Draw your bestfriend

From L-R: Phats, Tsug, Ranz. They may not be the best, but they're the best buddies I've ever had. :)

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