Vectors and Vexels, and more Vectors - Life is so full of tae!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Vectors and Vexels, and more Vectors

The things I do when I get bored.
Because I was thinking of pegasus and unicorns, I came up with such piece.
First Vector/Vexel for the love month :)

I miss my long posts. Ever since I got hooked doing vectors, I haven’t been really writing blogs about my life. But doing vectors is currently my life. haha. And I am so happy that with each vector I make, I see a lot of improvements. And this one, is my latest project.

just a simple act of gratitude. i’d like to thank Trina for introducing me to the world of crowdsourcing. i survived months without a job because of it. hahaha :))

this is one of my bests so far. i hope i did justice to her beautiful face. :) 

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