Because today is Mother's Day - Life is so full of tae!

Friday, September 30, 2011

Because today is Mother's Day

If this is true, then am I a SUPERHUMAN?

At 24, this petite little body gave birth to a 6-pounder healthy baby boy via Normal Spontaneous Vaginal Delivery. I never felt pain. No screaming, nothing like in the movies, no epidural anaesthesia, no pain relievers. Only pure courage, excitement and a wee bit of nervousness.

I labored without even knowing it. Or I think I did, it’s just that I was expecting for “too much” pain as how my clinical instructors described it, and as how the other mother-to-be on the other bed has been screaming of intense pain at 5cm dilatation.

I pushed for more or less than 10 minutes. I pushed only 5 times or less. And then and there I heard my son's first cry. Finally, after 9 months of waiting, my pride and joy went out of this world. I could not explain how I felt at that time. Everything was so surreal.

Perhaps, it is the feeling of wanting to see my baby for the first time made it feel that giving birth is just like having a big poop. Seriously. Maybe there was pain, but I am just so happy and the excitement was just too overwhelming for me to feel it.

I am just one of those women who have high tolerance for pain. I am just one of those fortunate to have no problems giving birth and I thank God for that.

Not all mothers may be as superhuman as I am. But every mother is a superwoman in her own way. I salute all mothers who bore the burden of carrying a 7-pound baby inside her, endured the pain of labor and the horrors of giving birth, and went through all the hardships and pain brought about by a rebellious child, yet never ceased to give love that is unconditional.

I admire my mother for being that. I admire her for who she is. Despite her big machine-gun mouth and tigress-like disapproving eyes, I admire her courage and strength, and her determination to bring out the best in us. She is a real-life superwoman.

We may have quarrels and qualms for each other, nevertheless, whatever happened and may happen, I do and will always love her.

It’s September, so why this blog? Because every day a child is born. Every damn day a mom cries, sighs, and gets hurt. Yet every day, a mother never fails to care and she never ceases to love. So I say, today, tomorrow, and the rest of our lives… every day should be a Mother’s day!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there!

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