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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Inkling, please?

I used to draw on paper,  scan it, save it in my computer, then color/enhance it in photoshop:

I also tried drawing with a mouse and it was hell.
Then, I mastered the use of pen tool in photoshop and I find it great to create vector graphics:

When I had my first graphics pen, I just have to draw freely in Photoshop.
It really made me save a lot of time. Ctrl+z is a lifesaver whereas using a real eraser can be messy and you do it the hard way. It’s quite easy to draw on a graphics pen, albeit difficult as my hands are more used to the rough surface of a paper. 

Of course, I will always prefer to draw on paper because the details on a pencil-drawn project are finer and more precise. So drawing on photoshop means losing the smallest and finest details. :/ 

I still consider myself an amateur, so I guess I just do not know how to do it right.

BUT Wacom is about to release a real life saver. With this, I can do an old-fashioned-pen-on-paper drawing digitally. OMFG! This is a must-have for every graphic artist!!!

All awesomeness contained. I would really save up for this.

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