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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Do Not Read This

I’ve been selling online for more than a year and everything went well until today. I just received my first ever negative feedback in ebay. It was from a buyer who got disappointed for not getting the item that she ordered. When in fact, I only sent her exactly what she bid for. It was a $29 worth of brand new authentic perfume, which she only paid for less than $20 by the way. I believe I have accurately described the item, stated all the details that a buyer has to know (which I assume she did not read), and even posted the actual picture. She said it’s not the type of perfume and the scent she wanted. Geez.

It does not only happen in ebay. It happens everywhere. People can read but they choose not to. How many times have we been a victim of our own stupidity just because we are too lazy to read?

Reading is sexy.

Read the announcements. Read the reminders. Read the labels. Read the fine print. It can save your life.

Read a little. Read a lot.


Because it pays to read.

Although with all honesty, I never cared to read the EULA and ToS. LOL

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