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Friday, October 28, 2011

You Know You're a Mother When

This morning I folded a mountain of clean clothes, put away my own and tucked it in my closet.

Then something dawned me.

My closet is not as full as they used to be. My wardrobe is the same as last year’s. Nothing is new. Yet, we are still having problems with closet space because my son has more clothes and shoes than he needs.

Perhaps it’s a mother thing.

I remember the time when I was out at the mall to buy a pair of flats, since my old one’s already worn out. Then I came across Gingersnaps and saw a funky shirt, pictured out how it will look on my son and I knew it was perfect. Moments later, I strutted away from the mall with an empty wallet on my right hand and a shopping bag of toddler clothes on the other. I did not get the flats that I wanted, but I went home wearing the most contented smile.

Motherhood has really caught me. It doesn’t matter now if I do not get anything for myself as long as I give everything for my child.  Ultimo bagong panty hindi ko na mabili. hahaha. But it really feels so good, so satisfying and so rewarding.

I really am proud, happy and thankful to be a mom, even if by being a mom means having nothing for myself. :)

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