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Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas and the forgotten manger

The cold December breeze once again came our way. This change of wind suddenly turned people to be surprisingly generous or I should say big cash burners. We all think of Christmas as the magical time of the year where we rush and hurry shopping for gifts to give for our love ones and for ourselves as well. We eat, drink and party like there’s no tomorrow. It’s actually the most wonderful time of the year because it is the only time when we can have all the fun, eat and gain a few extra pounds, and spend a whole lot of money without the guilt feeling at all.

Christmas is so magical that we tend to forget to check what’s happening in reality. The lighted streets, raucous parties, and shopping sprees have blinded almost every one of us to see the true spirit of Christmas. We fail to remember that our happy Christmases began in a poor and dirty manger.

Christmas is more than just the fancy and well-decorated Christmas trees, more than just the sumptuous meals set before our tables, and more than just the expensive gifts we await to give and receive. Christmas isn’t found in the glittery balls nor in the impressive launch of fireworks at night. Christmas isn’t only the time we celebrate Christ’s birth, but it is the time we EMULATE HIS HUMBLE SERVICE, KINDNESS and LOVE.

Perhaps, one of the best way to celebrate this season is to SHARE OUR BLESSINGS to the needy. Remember, Christ isn’t found in parties or crowded malls. Christ is found among our less fortunate brothers and sisters. And just by giving out a little help to them, we find Christ within us.

We don’t have to be rich or influential to serve and reach out for the needy. Because even in our own little way, we are able to do BIG things, things that enable us to see and feel the true spirit of Christmas.

Don’t get me wrong guys, I’m not trying to be impressive here. Believe me, I’m far from being this goody-two-shoes kind of person. But just recently, a typhoon hit some part of the Philippines, leaving many damaged properties and lost many lives. I was struck when I saw this picture of a father grieving over his daughter’s death. His demise was so heartfelt that it broke my heart into pieces.

The typhoon Sendong wrecked a lot of houses, took a lot of lives, devastated a lot of families, and broke a lot of hearts. It made me realized how blessed I am for not being in their shoes and feel bad at the same time that they have to experience the wrath of nature at a time such as this, that they have to grieve over their loved ones instead of celebrating Christmas together with their families.

I guess it’s about time that I do something right and different this season. This blog is just one of those things, I hope I inspire the readers to do the same. We’re not rich, we don’t have a lot of money to have a grandiose Christmas celebration, we don’t have a lot of clothes, but we chose to donate some these because I know that those people need these more than we do.

I know this is not much. But at least in our own little way, we are able to help a family or two. (P.S. don’t mind the trash bags, they’re clean. I just don’t have a box or a decent plastic bag to put them in.)

Let’s make this magical season real, let’s bring out that little JESUS within us to life. Let’s all share our blessings and give love. Our brothers and sisters out there are in need of our help and prayers. 

For those who would want to help, you can drop of your donations to DSWD offices, Red Cross, ABS-CBN, GMA, or any establishments that accept donations for the victims of Sendong.

Christmas is indeed in the air, may all of us find the true meaning of Christmas deep within our hearts. HAVE A BLESSED CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!!

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