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Monday, December 5, 2011

Coca-Cola Christmas Special: The OFW Project

Two videos from YouTube became viral today. One is just plain showbiz sh*t, and the other is a total heart melter and tear-jerker.

I’m talking about Coca-cola’s newest ad, The OFW Project Video.

This really made me cry. My father is one of the 11 million OFWs who works really hard to provide for the needs of his family. This is going to be the sixth time that he’ll be spending Christmas 8,000 miles away from us. His hard work paid off though. My sister and I were both sent to a prestigious university, we didn’t starve, and our home is almost done.

I really am proud of my parents. They had a rough start. They started from scratch. We didn’t have a home then. We used to move from one house to another. We lived in a land owned by the Montemayors, which twenty years ago the houses were demolished and the land is now barren. Yes, we were squatters. I developed a tough, independent and domineering demeanor and street-wise diskarte because I spent half of my childhood in the slums of Piapi Boulevard.  But look where my parents are standing now. I really am proud of their hard work, how they were able to give us a better future, how they were able to pull us away from the slums and poverty.
This house is just one of the many things they achieved all from toil, sweat and tears. I hope when this home gets done, my dad will be on his way from California to Davao. :)

They are my inspiration.  They have shown me that anything can be achieved if you work really hard.

So, kudos to all OFWs out there!  To everyone who sacrificed their time away from their loved ones to give their family a brighter future, I hope you will all have a MERRY, MERRY CHRISTMAS!


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