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Sunday, December 18, 2011

What I Really Want for Christmas

As you have read (or not) on my previous blogs, I have been writing about the things that I badly WANT. Mga luho, kumbaga.

When I was in college, I was deprived of these. Saving up would take ages as I have to make sure that my scanty allowance is enough to sustain me and my photocopies (that I never got to read) for the rest of the day. Belonging in a group of “sosyal” friends did not mean that I have to keep up with their pace. I am definitely one of the most kuripot person in that circle.

Now, I’m earning on my own. I have a good job enough to sustain my family’s needs, enough to pay the bills, and just enough to give in to the urge of buying the things that I want.

But honestly, savings after savings, I never got to scratch out a single item on my wishlist and it just keeps on getting long. Here’s the usual situation: whenever I have the money on-hand, there is always this resistance coming out of nowhere. And yes, I always end up not buying what I was saving up for. That’s probably a good thing. Somehow, my fists are still always close.

But I do have a wishlist for Christmas though. Only this time, it’s far from being materialistic. So here, I want to share with you my “Grown-up” Christmas Wishlist:

1. Good health and blessings for my loving family especially my dad who is away from us; for my dearie Ranz who has been there all the way for me through thick and thin; for my son Rhett who gave me a reason to end each tough day with a smile; for my friends who always give me a good laugh and great company; for my enemies (meron ba?) and those not-so-nice people I meet everyday who taught me how to smile at their shit and made me stronger in a positive way; and for the random people who bumped in to me and have somehow knowingly or unknowingly touched my life;

2. Be free from resentment and heavy emotional baggage. Have the heart to forgive those who hurt me. Included are the people who don’t seem to know the way to the road to healing, may they find forgiveness in their hearts;

3. Prosperity and courage for those who shed sweat and tears, especially those who are working away from their families and who tried to endure each tormenting day without a single glimpse of their loved ones;

4. Kindness and generosity for the well-fortunate, that may they find it in their hearts to reach out for the poor, the oppressed and the needy;

5. And enlightenment to the people who no longer know what Christmas is truly all about.

That’s it. :)

8 days to go and it’s Christmas day!

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