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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Fried Oreos

A friend shared me this recipe. Thought it was weird. Well, it sounds kinda gross.

But I was soooo wrong. I never thought fried oreos would be this yummy! Ha! You should try it too. Making it is as simple as A-B-C!

For the ingredients you only need these:

Egg, Vegetable Oil, Pancake Mix, and Oreos! The candy sprinkles are optional for presentation. Although, my friend’s recipe includes milk, I figured out that milk would only make it sweeter, and I don’t like it too sweet so I ruled out the milk.

Actually, I do not know the right measurements of the ingredients. Haha.  Don’t ask me how many cups or scoops are needed because I was only playing with the ingredients.

Just mix the egg, a bit of vegetable oil (i used only 1/2 teaspoon), and pancake mix until you get the right consistency. It should not be runny and not too thick. Mix these until no lumps remain.

Dip the oreos into the batter.

Then carefully place the cookies into a pre-heated vegetable oil. The oil should be enough to deep fry the cookies. Cook until the cookies are golden brown. This should only take less than two minutes.Then take out the cookies and drain it with a paper towel.

And voila!

Best when served hot. Enjoy!

PS - Eat moderately. We really don't want this sweet treat be a sweet threat.

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