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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Cobwebs Everywhere!


It’s been what? A long time since I blogged.

A lot of things actually happened.

Here is a list of a few interesting, uninteresting, and unfortunate things that happened while I'm gone away from the blogosphere:

-There's a lot of things going on that I no longer have time for vectors. Hahaha (insert sad pathetic face here)

-I got a new haircut. I bade goodbye to my lioness head and said hello to a bob.

-Ranz not getting paid by his client. He lost a lot of time building websites, the effort, and an effin Php 20,000. That was supposed to be for my son’s grandiose party. Ah, this one deserves another post. You know, scumbag employers. But why waste my time? Karma is a bitch. 

-Rhett’s Bday. My Bday. Ranz’s Bday. Packed in one month. We celebrated it simply but we’re happy. :)

-Months later, I got a new job. My first ever office job where I get to meet new friends. Wherein I easily adjusted and got comfortable traveling from home to office and vice versa, wherein I’m already enjoying the company of my colleagues, something I don’t experience when working at home. And boom! We all got terminated. Just like that. LOL. I couldn’t blame our boss though, we turned the office into a cooking class whenever we have the time. The office has a kitchen! hahaha. And yes, we can cook. That’s where I learned how to make a california maki, an ice cream float, a healthy yogurt (I actually missed this, thank you fever, but I got the tips how to), and a few more. But nah, real reason was, company declared bankrupt (pffft, but i don’t buy that).

Bad experiences come and go. And when bad things happen, good things come. When the Lord takes away, it’s because He wants to give something better.

In no time, Ranz got a job. I got a job. And it’s a more stable job. Plus, it pays REALLY REALLY well. Pays more than half my previous salary. That's the perk of working freelance or at home, when you lost one job, it would really be easy to find one. :)

Along with that, in the past months I’ve been doing what most people do. Go out with friends, attend a wedding, go to church, watch a movie, bask in the sun and a lot more.

Terrible things might have happened the past months, but I can say I still live a good life. Thank you Lord for that.

I’m cleaning the cobwebs. This blog will be active. For how long? That I do not know. :D

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