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Friday, October 21, 2011

Back When Romance was Different

This morning, I was rummaging on a pile of boxes to sort out what has to be thrown out and what has to be kept. I found old notebooks, handouts, old photos, wedding souvenirs, collectible cards, empty boxes inside the boxes, trophies, cobwebs, and a hell lot of thick dusts. Then I stumbled upon this shoebox. It was old, dirty, and full of memories.

Inside, I have kept a lot of letters written on scented stationery, random notes on a piece of scratch paper, greeting cards, gift tags, bookmarks with dedication written at the back, candy wrappers, and a Linkin Park cassette tape, all from friends (and admirers) that were given to me mostly during special occasions or given heartily on any random day.

But my most treasured of all was the first letter given to me by a high school love. It was made of cheap cardboard paper. It has 3 pages and each page is colored with crayola with a stenciled I ♥ U on the background. Outside the letter are poorly cut popsicle sticks on the side, a printed picture of a red rose at the middle, and behind the very thin paper are bold handwritten words in fancy writing that say
‘Something that makes you feel special’.

It was placed inside a custom-made envelope shaded in different colors and it has a pop-out like feature that when you pull it down, you will see the words ‘miss you’ that is shaped like a heart. It looks like a mini-book, a 3-page letter made of fancy cardboard paper, popsicle sticks and words coming from pure teenage love.

We were 16. His penmanship is awful and his art skills suck. But there’s nothing more romantic to see someone try his best even though he knows how bad he is at it just to make you feel special.To see this shy type teenage boy in an all-out effort to tell me how much he loves me makes my heart melt. And this is something that I would want to feel over and over again.

This is something that you may not always see. And I am so thankful that somehow, in one part of my life I have felt this way...

...because courtships and romance nowadays are too digitalized.

The 1-peso worth text messages have replaced those sappy love letters. Saying I love you has become too straightforward and impersonal. Love quotes and those “kuto-ka-ba?-kasi-di-kita-maalis-sa-isip-ko” lines are everywhere. It’s just a matter of who copies and pastes the most lines and who forwards the most texts. Thanks for the internet,  I love you is just a chat box away. Everything is now way too EASY, too EFFORTLESS, and LESS SINCERE.


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