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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Book Reviews?

I've already read  tons of books and I am thinking of writing a book review for the new books I am about to read or perhaps also those that I have already read. I want to share how an amazing book took me away or complain about how a book wasted my time (in a not-so-harsh way, of course! I'm not a good writer to even bash someone's terrible writing, as I am no book author and I am a terrible writer myself. I might as well keep my mouth shut when I think a book sucks.). Yes, I want to write a review. But, but, but...

number 1: I think I'm too lazy to write. I don't even like to make book reports during my early school days.

number 2: I suck at making reviews. If I like it, I would say I like it. Just that. No more superfluous shimmering fancy words. 'Hey I love this book! It's awesome, you should read it. Why? Just read it.', that's how it will go more likely.

number 3: I'm afraid time won't be too generous. You see, I work 8 hours as a graphics designer, the rest as a mom and with all the house chores and stuff, the little time I have left is for my escape to a different world.

But, but, but... I really really want to try. So maybe some time along my bibliophile-ish journey, I wish to write my first book review and hope it goes on until the days that I can still read. I wish myself good luck.
P.S. If you're asking why the sudden urge? I'm in the middle of reading the first book of Mistborn Trilogy and I find it sooooo amazing. Yes, very. And that deserves another blog post. I cannot just keep my silence.

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