December Book Haul - Life is so full of tae!

Friday, December 7, 2012

December Book Haul

I came home with these:

Great books at a bargain! Yay! :)

Excited to read them, but I might start with Sabriel during Christmas break as I still have some books waiting to be read.

Anyway, I’m glad I finally got my hands on the Old Kingdom series (Sabriel, Lirael, and Abhorsen). I actually bought the Abhorsen book ages ago and at a very good price too! Kinda disappointing though, the Abhorsen copy I have is from a US publisher, while Sabriel and Lirael are both from UK, which means they have different covers and different sizes.  I tend to be OC with books sometimes, especially with trilogies and series. They have to be the same. But I’m good with this for now as it took me ages to find all three. They’re not really that known to many people here and our bookstores do not have them. But who knows, one day I might have these copies in hardcover (if they’re really that worth keeping).

I also got this Shadow of the Wind. I’m not really familiar with it. But I find it interesting. One word: Bookception. You know, a book within a book. Might as well give it a try. :)

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