In My Mail: Something to keep me really really busy - Life is so full of tae!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

In My Mail: Something to keep me really really busy

Or maybe not. Work keeps me busy. Reading books makes me “busy” - meaning, I am not to be disturbed when my hands are flipping over pages and my mind wanders beautifully into another world.

Okay, so I’ve been into reading lately. I have to dig into my old books to find something good to re-read. But book after book, series after series, I longed for something NEW.

Since I am into fantasy novels, I scoured the internet for good books. No. Great books. I went over tons of reviews, raves and recommendations, until a friend recommended me Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series. I have read how epic and awesome those books are. But since it’s going to take me a lot of time (and money at that) to invest into a series that’s already published into twelve (or thirteen?) books, I stumbled upon Mistborn Trilogy. For those who do not know, Brandon Sanderson (author of Mistborn) is the one who continued Wheel of Time series since Robert Jordan’s passing.

So I ordered a boxed set from ebay, waited three weeks for it to be shipped from UK to Ph, and voila! :)

And now I’m gonna delve into a new and unknown world and return a week or two later. See you then real world! :)

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