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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Will Striptease for Harry Potter

This morning, I came across this great site that sells handmade and vintage-looking accessories. And much to my delight, I saw these awehoooosome Harry Potter merchandise. Talagang nanlaki ang mga mata ko. I was this close to adding everything to my cart but there’s just soooo many to choose from. And I can’t choose because I WANT TO HAVE THEM ALL! *sigh* If only my paycheck’s enough ~_~;

I am not a fan of accessories. Note: I only wear clothes and shoes when I go out. Nothing more, nothing less, nothing fancy. But I am a Potterhead.

Yes, I have been a big fan since highschool. I’ve read the books a hundred times and I’ve watched the movies a thousand times.  I memorized almost all the lines in every movie. I know the characters well (both movie and book), and even know what they were and how they became (thanks to HP wikia) hahaha. Yes, I read that. I am that addicted.

Although, I never really bothered to buy those Harry Potter mugs, towels, notebooks and the like. But these trinkets are oh soooo beautiful. I can’t help it. I just have to buy them. I hope I can get my  hands on these before Christmas comes.

There are so many accessories for sale and on sale, but the trinkets in the pictures below are my favorites. Just look at these, who could resist these beauties?
Golden Snitch Brass Pocket Watch - notice how this thing is intrinsically designed.
It says it all. This is going to be perfect for my casual wear.
And because I have this way of getting out of trouble easily. >.<
And I’ve always dreamed of playing Quidditch. If only flying brooms exist.
And because I just love Harry Potter - Hedwig, the snitch and charms in one. :)

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