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Friday, April 5, 2013

Achievement Unlocked: Get Others to Read a Book

My love for reading started at an early age. From my childhood years to present, I lost count on how many books I have actually read. Books have introduced me to people, pierced my heart, taken me into new and unfamiliar worlds while I lay captive on my own bed, and who knows what else I can experience from the pages of the book. I love getting lost in the books and emerge later feeling devastated to be back in the real world.

I love to read. And I have this tendency to influence or encourage, or should I say, bug those people around me to read.

For many years I struggled in letting the very reluctant boyfriend read a book. I've had several attempts, but at least, not all efforts were done in vain because last year I have actually managed to let him read a 300-page book. Haha! Okay... he liked the Hunger Games movie, that's why he "willfully" read Collin's Catching Fire. He liked what he read but he said his eyes got somehow strained and stressed (oh the excuses).
Oh well. I guess it was a torture for him. And though he did not fully embrace reading, I felt victorious. It was very overwhelming that I made one soul finish one book his entire life. And that's not gonna stop there. Not ever.

Not now that I have a son to whom I'm hoping he'll also get those reading habits from me. So as early as two I started buying him board-books. But don't worry son, there's no pressure at all. Perhaps we'll just do a little poking and pushing. Or maybe there's no need for that. Now he's almost 4, I can see he's getting fond of reading. After work, he would oftentimes ask me, "Read tayo ng book, Mom."  And I love it when he does that. Although he can't read yet. He loves to follow the words that I read, point at pictures and make up his own stories. It's just starting. I can't wait til he'll learn to read and would soon be flipping the pages of my books. We'll get there. :)

Anyway, I would also like to encourage everyone, to get others read a book. You see, not everyone is privileged to read. Many of our brethren desperately want to learn. We, on the other hand are fortunate enough, let's not put it to waste.


  1. That's really a good goal to have someone appreciate reading. It really helps reading books since it is really educational.

  2. reading books was my past time before i learned and earn from blogging..

  3. It's been a long time that I read a book. I learned a lot whenever I read interesting novels and fiction books.

  4. Thumbs up for reading books! I love reading books. I know that it can spell a lot of difference over the long run, even if it's just one book per month. It's time to lend the books and make my friends read them! (-: