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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Angels in the Rain

Last night, R and I went out to have dinner at SM. Not long after, heavy rain started to pour, and just when we reached Matina, rain water was already above the ankle level and rising. (Yep, I'm also asking myself the same question, what happened to Davao?)

We're only just a few meters, perhaps about 10 meters away from SM's parking lot when our vehicle refused to move. It didn't want to start. We're stranded under a heavy rain, where flood is gushing and already knee deep (and rising). And yes, we're really starving.

A few minutes later, a boy (about 16-18) came out of nowhere, ran towards us and knocked on the window, gesturing what appears to look like pushing. From the inside I could hear him shouting "Tulak?!" In a situation like this, I don't think somebody will ever refuse.

Under the rain, they pushed our vehicle with all their might. I'm not talking about a small sedan car here, not even an SUV, I'm talking about a truck, a small media truck loaded with media equipment and heavy speakers at the back. Imagine how heavy would that be? And they have to push the truck all the way to the parking lot on an inclined parking entrance.

I prepared 100 Php to pay them, R even argued to give them 150 because they are many(about 8-10) and the truck's really heavy. They're even the ones who took the parking pass from the guard and handed it over to us. But when we gave them the money, they just flashed a big smile and said "Ayaw na kuya, trip trip lang namo ni" (Don't worry about it, we're just doing it for fun). I'm surprised that they refused even though we insisted many times. I mean, it's pretty common here that tulak boys would watch out for cars that have broken down during floods and heavy rain, and push them in exchange of a few coins. I gave the boys an incredulous look, but they just waved and turned around.

They are indeed angels in the rain. All we can do is to thank them with all our hearts. I just hope we didn't insult them with the 150 that we tried to pay them. They walked away knowingly or unknowingly saving the lives of three people, and no amount of money could ever equal to that.

To the people who helped us out there, I don't know who you are, I may not be able to recognize your faces when I chance upon you on the streets, but somehow, someone up there saw your heroic deed and we know that it will not be forgotten for sure. May God bless you more and more. And again, thank you very much!

Faith in humanity restored. :)


  1. Thank God at may mga ganyang klaseng tao pa rin. Good to know ur okay sis.

    1. oo nga po sis. thank God talaga. Di namin alam anong gagawin doon, first time namin natirikan ng sasakyan. di pa yung usual na sasakyan. hehe

  2. Yeah, there are still good people out there helping others without asking for anything in return. :)

  3. Yeah, there are still good people helping others without asking for anything in return.