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Monday, June 10, 2013

Red's First Day!

It's Monday! And today is The Queen's Birthday! The Queen's Birthday is a public holiday that celebrates the monarch of the Commonwealth, currently Queen Elizabeth II . Well, as someone who has spent her entire life in the Philippines, Queen Elizabeth's birthday has nothing to do with me. But since I work under an Australian company, I am given this day off! Woot! Australian public holidays don't fill all ten fingers in your hand, and I'm really thankful that this day fell on my son's very first day of school.

I am so happy that I was there to see all my child's sloppy firsts. I've never missed a milestone, and this, his very first venture in the real social world, is something I don't ever want to miss.

I've already set my mind to take an off from work when this day comes. Just so you know, Australian companies pay you by the hours you worked - which means no work no pay. And I was already ready to sacrifice the day. But hey, thank God it's The Queen's Birthday! :)

Red belongs to the junior kinder afternoon class. I took him to his classroom and I was so ready for the crying-so-hard-won't-let-go-of-mommy's-leg scene. But it was actually the opposite, we went inside, placed his bag and water jug in a table assigned to him, and he bade me goodbye. No separation anxiety attack from him. It was actually I who don't want to leave. lol. And since no peeping is allowed, I left and came back 3 hours later.

I'm so proud of my little boy. His first day went well. I just hope it goes well until the school year ends! Way to go Rhett Cedrych! Mommy's so proud of you. :)

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