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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

You know you have very awesome friends when...

Friends support and wish you success whatever your business is. But when your friends abuse and make the most out of your business to the point that you are already losing rather than gaining profit and they just laugh boisterously about it - then you know you have the best and greatest friends. Hahaha. Refill lang ng refill ng ink at photopaper. Kamot ulo na lang. Hahaha! Great times! ;)

Just a few of our crazy episodes (from our buddy's photobooth business):

This was during our friends' wedding. Photos courtesy of The Ogre's Party Shop. For event planning and event services (in Davao), just look for Marc Dumlao.

O diba, bawi lang. Libreng plug. hehehe :)


  1. At least you still got to plug your friend's business online. Hopefully, he/she gets more clients after this posting. :)

  2. nice! it's really nice to have some fun sometimes with your friends. I actually want to go to one with my friends but the photobooth we found is in sm medyo kasi dyahe kasi masyadong nakadisplay. you cant really do what you want to do... :)

  3. hahaha you've got a bunch of crazy and fun friends! :) I'd love to have that pero medyo may pagka loner ako haha joke :D Photobooths are especially if kwela mga kasama. Boring naman if ayaw nila magpa picture :D

  4. The magic of photo booths! Great friends you got! Wacky ahaha.

  5. Libre plug.. that's funny. :) Anyway, I'm glad that you met such good friends in this lifetime. As people say, they are your bros and sisters from different mothers and fathers. In short, they are the "chosen ones." :D

  6. Love the intro! Exactly how my friends are! Haha! Abuso kung abuso, pero keri ang, 'cause money can't buy the joy they bring into my life! =)

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    1. Hi! Thanks for dropping by! have a nice day :)