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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Blessed beyond compare

There have been times when I questioned Your plans and Your will. Like that time when I was seeking for an answer why I had to let go of something that I have painstakingly fought for and held on for a long time, a relationship I thought could last a lifetime. I lost my faith in You. I was wrong to doubt You and  a fool to question the things You do. I doubted, I recoiled, I surrendered to my defeat. And it was a shame. The least I could have done was to TRUST in You and have FAITH in Your will.

You wanted me to feel the pain of letting go so that I can see that there are other hands I can hold on to, especially Yours. You wanted me to feel emptiness so I can stand on my own and make myself whole again - this time, stronger. You wanted me to close a chapter of my life so I can turn to the next page because You're just about to write a new story for me; and I know You're the best author out there. You wanted me to let go so I can hold something or someone much much better. :)

And it's such a shame that it took me some time to realize that I am indeed blessed beyond compare. I am not worthy of Your love yet You showed me one that's immeasurable and unwavering. Kuyaw jud ka mulihok Lord. The best ka talaga! Ikaw na! ^_^

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