Live to write, not write to live - Life is so full of tae!

Friday, August 15, 2014

Live to write, not write to live

I am on a roll. I've been writing daily for a week now. This has never happened before. Except during the time when I was all hyped up to take the 100 Happy Days Challenge that I have to force myself to write daily. Didn't survive though, not even halfway to it.

This time, it's different. Nothing is forced. Words just kept flowing spontaneously that I can write just about anything even the mundane and the ordinary. It feels like I can make a tsunami from a single drop of water. And I am creating a wave after wave after wave.

Now that I'm on to this, I backtracked my old blogs and old posts. Reading them again was surprisingly fun with an occasional raising of the eyebrow. "Did I really write this? I could have written it better than that."

Well, it only boils down to one thing: I have improved. And I know I am still improving and there's still a lot of room for improvement for I still don't consider myself a good one. Not even close.

Being good at writing doesn't happen overnight. It is a continuous process of learning. And I wish I had all the time and diligence to practice this craft because more often than not, I find myself losing the battle against time and laziness.

I do not have formal training or a degree or even a major in whatsoever that's related to writing aside from our English classes in high school. I learn writing through the journals and blogs that I write, the essays our teachers require, and of course, from the books that I read.

I love to write. It is the only time I can be still in an effort to put my jumbled thoughts into words that make sense. I write because I want to express. And for someone who is not vocal like me, writing is a breather.

I love to write. As much as it exhausts me to write and submit a 500-word article in an hour or less, it is a great stress reliever.

I love to write. But I never ever thought that for my first job I would land as a writer, given the fact that writers don't earn that much. Okay, I admit it, I was flat out broke at that time and I needed the money.

My short writing stint taught me a lot about foreign exchange, male enhancements, lure fishing, assisted living, cleaning agents and whatever topic they can throw me. It widened my vocabulary but at the same time taught me how to put my words simply. Most importantly, I learned how to love writing even more, how it is an art and not just a mere form of constructing sentences with correct grammar usage.

Well, I might make a living out of writing again. Or not.

Perhaps not.

I'd rather make life out of writing than make a living out of it.


  1. Determined to write and passion to do means success, thus, keep on writing and you'll find what you're looking for.

  2. Writing is a passion. That's the main thing why I do blogging. The monetary rewards are just icing on the cake. Bonus na lang.

    1. True that! But I'm not yet so sure if writing is really my passion. I can really be lazy sometimes that I can ditch writing for a month or two. But I love it, nonetheless.