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Thursday, August 21, 2014

On and On with Jack Johnson

If there's one artist that I can listen to infinitely, that would be Jack Johnson. I could go on doing nothing but listen to him in an indefinite time span. I wouldn't say that his songs are catchy. I define "catchy" as songs that have this one line nonsense lyrics that you sing on repeat and it goes on an infinite loop in your head. Jack Johnson, however, is far from that. His songs go straight to your heart and you fall in love with it.

His songs may be light but it has depth to it. The lyrics may be as simple as a boy who describes how his day has been. But it is never shallow. It has an emotion to it. It always has.

Jack Johnson is a truly gifted artist. Not only because his songs convey his obvious love for his wife, his family, music, or the environment, which is coupled with really really, I mean, really awe-inspiring music, but also, you see the genuineness in it. His music and his words are coming from something that he truly loves and enjoys doing that's why you feel the emotion to it. His songs are simple, true, and they never fail to calm you down.

I love Jack Johnson and the way he creates beautiful music, how he inadvertently motivates people to learn to play the guitar, how he always perform for a good cause, and how he knowingly or unknowingly tries to save today's music from absolute crap.
Artists like him are rare. With the devolution of music into a glorified-top-charting-money-making-crap-by-less-talented-individuals, it's no surprise that he isn't known to many people (especially here in the Philippines). He is an incredible thing that happened to the music industry and I would drop the world just to see him perform live.

Well, if you want to chill, or listen to light and acoustic music, or if chocolates cannot calm your nerves, you can never go wrong with Jack Johnson. And if you haven't actually heard of him yet (now you have), please, do yourself a favor and plug those earphones and listen to his songs.

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