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Friday, September 5, 2014

Gilas Pilipinas FTW!

I am never really a fan of basketball. I mean, I was but back in the days of Johnny Abarrientos, Ronnie Magsanoc, Alvin Patrimonio and Vergel Meneses. Or those years when I got crazy with NBA cards that it would take me weeks to save for one NBA Hoops, Fleer, or Upper Deck pack in hopes of having a Scottie Pippen, Reggie Miller, Grant Hill or the most-prized Michael Jordan hardwood collection.

My flare for basketball died down when I became a varsity. A football player, for that matter.

Seasons of NBA playoffs have passed but I never really got interested with it. Even when everybody talks about it everywhere. And not even after hearing that Philippines qualified to play for FIBA 2014. Not until I watched Gilas Pilipinas play last night. Yep, that game when they won over Senegal. It's the only game that I was able to watch and it's their last game for this World Cup.

I feel guilty for not being able to support our team. I mean, I could take extra steps and go on several nights without sleep just to watch FIFA, rooting for a team that's not even my country.

Watching the game last night just brought me back the same feeling when my parents and I would watch PBA sans the screaming or that bolting-out-of-my-chair-cause-the-game-is-too-intense-to-stay-put scene. I lacked faith in them that I always thought Senegal would win. But they proved me wrong. Like what other people said, they played with heart. And that's what I have seen. Impressive, if you might ask.
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Now, what irks me the most are the posts I see on my Facebook newsfeed. I've seen more bashes and less praises. More rants than raves. I know I haven't been a fan for a long time but I feel for our team. I have been a player myself, and to tell you frankly, it is not easy. Let alone, playing for the national team.

It's just disappointing to see that the respect our team earned from around the world is inversely proportional to the respect they earned from us, their fellow countrymen. Too many basketball geniuses came popping out of nowhere. Too many could have, should have, and would have statements are blabbed from these coaching and sports analyst wannabees. Our team doesn't deserve any of that. Sige, kayo na ang maglaro. Kayo na ang mag-coach. Magaling kayo eh.

The Gilas team has shown grit, passion and determination. And that is more than enough already to warrant them with more than just praises. Can we not just puff our chests out and stand proud for what they have done? Win or lose, they don't deserve to be flamed and ridiculed, especially from someone who has not done a single thing in honor of our country.
Eto pampagoodvibes. #NoHurtFeelings daw ha

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