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Thursday, September 4, 2014

I feel old...

Isn't it ironic that I have just blogged about feeling and looking young then a day after I'm writing about feeling old?

I feel old.

Not because my music preference got stuck in the 90s era that I no longer recognize a number of artists today nor the songs that topped the charts;

Or my interests lean on the more boring stuff like stock exchange, interest rates, or any financial matters;

Or the contacts in my phone are saved in a manner that I see both the first and last names;

Or nightlife parties no longer excite me. Drowning in booze until 2am is no longer my cup of tea.

I feel old because of this:

photo via: Blake McIver
Recognize them, eh?

Darla and the he-man womun haters. This photo brings me back to my carefree years. The Little Rascals is one of my favorite childhood movies. And I think this will always be my favorite.

I remember watching this from time to time with my childhood friends. I see ourselves in the characters of these little rascals: free-spirited, innovative, fun, and smart-ass. Now that I think about it, I'm so grateful smart phones never existed in our childhood years. We had the world as our playground. And we enjoyed it so much. So much that I would never trade it for anything in this world.

Those memories of bumps on the head, bruised shins and skinned knees can never equal to any app or game the children enjoy nowadays. And it's just sad to see what these kids are really missing, how much life they are missing. Wow. I had a very awesome childhood. The scars on my knees will tell you so.

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