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Saturday, October 18, 2014

The Jack Ridge Chronicles

Yep, that's Jack, not Jack's.

I am blogging this because I missed these girls:
Yeah, I do see them five days a week. But it's not everyday we get to have moments like this. It's been a long time since the five of us went out together. They make me feel (and act) so young that's why I love hanging out with them. Being with them would always mean episodes of gasping for breath and a hurting stomach from laughing too hard. Yes, these girls are really crazy, they just don't know it.

Last night, we invited ourselves to Anner's crib because we miss her (and I know she misses us too). And she's just as crazy as the five of us combined. Can you picture out the catastrophe when we're together? Haha. I am not really sure when was the last time we saw her because it feels like we haven't seen her for years. This bad-ass woman who loves to wear her pants the lowest it can get paired with polo and Florsheim oxford leathers just turned into a dashing lady in a dress.
Anyway, we stuffed ourselves with palabok, 4 boxes of pizza and cassava cake, and went to Jack Ridge after because two of our friends haven't been there yet. And it's Friday, we deserve that much needed breath of fresh air after a rather suffocating week at work. What I thought was a simple stroll turned out to be the birth of a new boyband we call "Rica Learns to Rock".Yep, so original. Haha.

So here are our hideous photos in an attempt to do boyband poses (thanks Justin for taking the pictures and for being our Road Manager, and for Bob for lending us your phone):
To cap off the night, we stayed a little to some fancy coffee shop. Had some talks, put the girls into the hotseat and had a lot of laughs. Way to spend a Friday night without partying and alcohol, just pure, unadulterated, albeit not-so-wholesome fun.
Rica Learns to Rock with their Manager, Anner
To those who are asking why JACK RIDGE? Well, we have this friend (itago na lang natin sa pangalang Breyts) who's having a hard time pronouncing Jack's Ridge. To show our support (and quasi-mockery), well, we'll just have to say Jack Ridge as well. Haha :P