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Saturday, November 1, 2014

Let bigots be bygones

I was raised in a non-catholic family, all my school life I grew up in a catholic school (run by nuns and the other by Jesuits), and all the while having friends with different religions. Apparently, this paved way for me to have an open mind regarding other people's beliefs.

I've seen, heard, and read a lot of debates relating to religion. Debates like that are actually engaging. Challenging one's beliefs while the other justifies and stands for his own is, in fact, healthy and can really be interesting because you learn a lot from that. However, heated arguments are inevitable in a two-sided story, let alone in religion wherein the crowd is "multi-faithed". But that doesn't give one an excuse to negate and insult another person's beliefs. Unfortunately, it happens. Always.

It's no wonder why our world tend to lean on chaos. Because I, for one, am fed up hearing people trying to shove into the people's throat that their religion is right and it is the best way to live. Pfft! Ok we get it, you have your mission, that's one thing. But attacking, discrediting, or undermining one's beliefs just because it doesn't go well with yours, is another story. (I apologize if this is turning to be a rant.)

I guess what people really need is an understanding of other people's beliefs, religion for that matter. If people would only care to educate themselves and keep an open mind, then there'd be less bigots in this world; which will eventually beget respect.

Respect is becoming elusive nowadays. And that's what the world needs now. Yes, I may not always agree with other people's beliefs. I admit it, I find some beliefs too absurd and not even worthy of (my) respect. But as a matter of civility and courtesy, I respect the person that holds them as long as their beliefs do not go out of the way to harm others.

And I just wish people would show some respect too. Not just with religion, but with tradition, culture, principle, choice, and opinion as well. If respect is hard to give, then could we just at least have an open mind and be tolerant about it? Come on, let's be civil. Living in harmony may be close to impossible, but that's a start.

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