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Saturday, December 13, 2014


Last night was a movie date night. Jan and I watched the third and final installment of "The Hobbit". Although I would have to say the movie isn't really faithful to the book because I don't remember reading a lot of scenes portrayed in the film. The movie itself was good though as it ended on a high note. But what has blown me away were the artworks that were shown at the end credits. I never took my eyes off it, told myself I would draw something the next day. So today, what I'm about to show you is my first attempt at drawing Smaug (and my second drawing for this year after so many years). It's not that awesome, but I love it.

Now here comes the tedious part, the shading.
This is when my hand started to say: come on, let's take a break.
Have a break, have some chocolates!
Done! ^_^
While I was doing that, Red was also doing his thing. I don't really expose him to gadgets and computers because it kills raw creativity. But he asked me if he can do the same thing I do whenever I work (I'm a graphics designer by the way). And I couldn't say no because what I do fosters creativity. I've got a budding artist here. Haha. Following mommy's footsteps, hun? 

Today was a rather productive day. I didn't know I could do everything I love to do in just one day. I spent quality time with Red, read a few chapters of a book, drawn something, and lastly, what I'm doing now, I'm blogging. What a way to spend lazy Saturdays! (Kulang na lang akong lab. hehe)

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