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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

The Gift of Saving

This is the time of the year when the cash registers are singing the merriest songs and our wallets go on a diet. I am feeling the Christmas rush. Really. I never thought I'd find myself scurrying here and there, looking for the perfect gifts this Christmas.

Just so you know, I am bad at giving gifts. I am a lazy shopper. I couldn't stand long lines and crowded places. I have no patience when it comes to gift conundrums. Gift giving would only make me feel pressured and anxious that I see myself treading on eggshells and I end up perhaps with an i-guess-this-is-okay kind of gift that it might look like I didn't give a damn about it. And the fact that I am a bit hesitant to pull out a few extra bucks from my already thinning wallet could sum me up as a bad gift giver. Or at least, that's how I see myself.

You see, my workadas and I decided to give gifts to each other. Finding one perfect gift is difficult, let alone looking for five (and I haven't counted those for my family and four godchildren yet). We decided to put up a wishlist to make it easier for us. Apparently, the wishlist didn't work for me because I ended up buying what's not on their lists.

I was thinking, instead of buying what they want - which will all soon be broken, worn out, or lost, and forgotten - why not give something that will motivate them to buy what's on their list? So without further ado, I gave them these:
The cutest coin banks ever! Ever. Common as they are though, I hope they see it as more than just the cute coin banks. I hope this will teach them a thing or two about surviving a quasi-independent life, like saving and spending wisely. Not that they don't save. I believe they do. And not that I am just penny-pinching that I made this an excuse not to buy expensive gifts.

But really, I believe that starting a healthy habit by simply putting one coin at a time will be developed and could last throughout a lifetime. That one small move could be a beginning to a road to financial freedom. And that is something I would like to impart - something more valuable than any expensive tangible gift. (Signs of aging na ba ito? Parang ang lalim nun ah.)

I know my friends are happy with my gifts. It's not that grand. But at least they got something for the rainy days. And I know they'll thank me for that one day. Anyway, here's what I have worn during our Christmas party. Thought I would share it because you seldom see me wear dresses. Haha. Minsan lang po ako nagiging babae. 

Two days to go and it's Christmas! Have a merry one, everyone! :)

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