English only, please!

I have no qualms about people bragging their gizmos, cash, or whatnot. After all, if they are rich, then they're entitled to it. But what irks me is when bragging is done where the masa thrives. The jeepney for example. And unfortunately, I just encountered such while commuting on my way to work.

Aside from the blatant and haughty display of "elitism", it was the language used to talk casually that caught my attention. Just to make it clear, I have nothing against people who talk in English. But speaking in English when talking to a fellow Pinoy inside a jeepney in a rowdy and hilaw na conyo manner? You. Have. Got. To. Be. Kidding me.

As much as I don't want to give a f*ck about it, they're like a black hole and I got sucked in. Two ladies sporting fake Gucci, Hawaianas, and dual sim iPhone were sitting in front of me and talking atrociously without considering that other people might actually exist around them. Ayaw daw nila ng hindi branded. Haha. For a moment, I thought an unforeseen typhoon just hit the city and we're being swept away by the strong winds. Sobrang lakas ng dating, dinaig pa ang bagyong Yolanda.  I've always thought I will only hear something like this in posh coffee shops or back in the university I have attended to, to which, as a matter of fact, are pretty much tolerable than this.

Who the hell are they trying to impress here? Seriously, it's not cool. Perhaps it would have been forgivable if they talked about it at Starbucks or somewhere classy where they can swagger and flaunt all they want. But still, not cool.
Funny (and pathetic) thing is, while I thought I have to endure an hour inadvertently listening to their annoying bravado, I was actually enjoying it. My mind was giving side comments here and there about their trying-hard accent and those awful English mixed with Tagalog words while they talked about what they would like to believe as charmed lives. Yep, I was silently mocking them. Call me a horrible person but I can't help it. Can you? In all honesty, I am not good in speaking English (and I don't have that accent) but at least I know just how, when, and where to use it. And I definitely use it properly.

Believe me, I don't hate the elite class and the hell I care about their flamboyance or manner of speaking -  they're entitled to it. In fact, I have a lot of friends who are really rich. Filthy rich. But never in my life have I heard them brag about their luxurious lives nor have I heard them speak in English in an irksome conyo way. But pretentious wannabes? That's a different story. It's no wonder why society can be hard on people who loves to climb the social ladder sometimes. It's just a natural reflex to scoff at something like that, isn't it?


  1. This is so true! Kung sino pa yung mayaman, sila pa yung di mayabang. Pero kung sino pa tong wala namang ikabuga sila pa tong kung umasta akala mo sinong mayaman. May iphone6 nga inutang naman. Pwe!

    1. I know, right? Siguro kaya ko pang sikmurahin yung nagyayabang na nasa tamang lugar naman. I mean, doon sa mamahaling resto or coffee shops siguro. Pero sa loob ng jeep? Hahaha. Ewan ko lang. Tapos kung mag eenglish pa mali mali naman. Hehehe