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Thursday, January 1, 2015

I blinked...

And just like that, 2014 is up.

A lot of things happened. Some are bad. Most are great. No matter, I will always be thankful for every memory, good or bad, because it made me what I am today: wiser, bolder, happier than ever.

I was supposed to draft my New Year's Resolutions last night before the countdown begins. But then I came into my senses and laughed about the idea. I am good at making resolutions but I am bad at keeping them anyway, so what's the point?

I looked around me, hoping to find something else to do. There I saw my muddy Columbia shoes on the floor, a GoPro Hero4 Silver on my bed, an awesome MI headset plugged in my LG G2 Mini, my Karakal nano graphite titanium badminton racket waiting to be played again, and the countless new books on my barfing shelf (Yes, this is turning to be a humblebrag and I'm not even sorry for it). Then I think about all those getaways and trips I made in 2014 and the things and gifts I gave to everyone close to me. I hear my inner self saying: Damn, you spent so much last year. I guess, I am in a way a spoiled brat after all. I always get what I want, when I want it.

Well, there's another way of putting it though: if there is something that I want, I work hard to get it.

And I think that's a pretty good thought to start the year. It will remind me of the things that I really want to achieve this 2015 and I know I have the determination to work hard for it. And that alone, is a blessing itself. While it is true I got a lot of material things last year, I believe my real blessings are the people who push me to do better, who inspire me to work harder for whatever it is that I want in life. For this year, I only want to be a better person. So I will start off by not getting late. Haha. It's no surprise to find myself laughing again. I just realized that this has always been my resolution since time immemorial. Haha. Juice-colored! Tabang! Seriously, if there's anything I want to change about me, that would be my habitual tardiness. Come on, Sarah you can do it this time.

2014 was a blur and though it is still not sinking in that it's 2015 already, the first blank page of a 365-page book just unfolded and I am definitely going to write a good one. As most of the people wish for a greater and better year, I am not asking for any of that. Because whether we like it or not, shit will always happen. No, I'm not being negative. This is real talk, buddy. Shit will always happen. So whatever 2015 will bring, bring it on, baby!
I will still be the same old Sarah. Only better and more awesome than ever. Haha

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